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Practice CISSP Test 03

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Q:1-In addition to preventing loss of life and further injury, what other reason is there to immediately initiate an emergency plan after a disaster?
Mark one answer:

Secure the area to prevent any looting, fraud or vandalism
Reduce likelihood of further damage
Protect the site for forensic evidence
Investigate the extent of the damages

Q:2-It is recommended that your disaster recovery plan (DRP) and business continuity plan (BCP) be tested at a minimum of what intervals?
Mark one answer:

Six months
When the systems and environment change
Two years
One year

Q:3-What should take place in order to restore a server, its files and data after a major system failure?
Mark one answer:

Restore from storage media backup
Perform a parallel test
Implement recovery procedures
Perform a check list test

Q:4-A business continuity plan (BCP) should have a structure that includes:
Mark one answer:

A detailed section on incident and risk assessment covering all the organization's key business activities
A detailed section on incident and risk assessment covering all the organization's business activities.
A brief section on incident and risk assessment covering all the organization's key business activities.
A brief section on incident and risk assessment covering all the organization's business activities.

Q:5-Which of the following recovery issue must be considered in disaster recovery planning (DRP)?
Mark one answer:

Continuance of Salaries
Expense disbursement
Public Relations
A & B

Q:6-Under what conditions would the use of a Class C fire suppression system be preferable to the use of a Class A fire suppression system?
Mark one answer:

When the fire is in its incipient stage.
When the fire involves electrical equipment.
When the fire is caused by flammable products.
When the fire is located in an enclosed area.

Q:7-Which of the following asymmetric encryption algorithm is based on the difficulty of factoring large numbers?
Mark one answer:

International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA)
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems (ECCs)
El Gamal

Q:8-The followings are fire detector types except:
Mark one answer:

Smoke activated
Heat activated
Flame actuated
Acoustical-seismic detection system

Q:9-Which of the following is true about a "dry pipe" sprinkler system?
Mark one answer:

It minimizes chances of accidental discharge of water.
It uses less water than "wet pipe" systems.
It is a substitute for carbon dioxide systems.
It maximizes chances of accidental discharge of water.

Q:10-The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard pertaining to perimeter protection states that critical areas should be illuminated up to?
Mark one answer:

Nine feet high and three feet out
Eight feet high and three feet out.
Eight feet high and two feet out.
Nine feet high and two feet out.

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