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Practice CISSP Test 07

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Q:1-Which choice below most accurately describes the organization’s responsibilities during an unfriendly termination?
Mark one answer:

System access should be removed as quickly as possible after termination
The employee should be given time to remove whatever files he needs from the network.
Cryptographic keys can remain the employee’s property.
Physical removal from the offices would never be necessary

Q:2-To speed up RAID disk access, an organization can:
Mark one answer:

Use larger hard drives.
Stripe the data across several drives
Mirror critical drives.
Disallow ad hoc queries.

Q:3-Data Encryption Standard (DES) uses which algorithm?
Mark one answer:


Q:4-When an organization is determining which data is sensitive, it must consider all of the following except:
Mark one answer:

Expectations of customers
Legislation or regulations
Quantity of data
Age of the data

Q:5-What is the Clipper Chip key size?
Mark one answer:

80 bit
64 bit
128 bit
160 bit

Q:6-The estimated frequency a threat will occur within a year is known as the
Mark one answer:

Single loss expectancy (SLE)
Annualized rate of occurrence (ARO)
Exposure factor (EF)
Asses value (AV)

Q:7-How many bits make up the effective Data Encryption Standard (DES) key?
Mark one answer:


Q:8-Which item is the responsibility of key management?
Mark one answer:

Key generation and destruction
Access controls and encryption
Key length and algorithm propriety
Access control, user authentication and authorization

Q:9-What encryption operation is used when AES uses S-boxes during the process of encryption?
Mark one answer:

Key generation
Key exchange

Q:10-Of the followings, which is the best description of a digital signature?
Mark one answer:

The sender encrypts a message digest with his/her public key
The sender encrypts a message digest with his/her private key
The recipient encrypts a message digest with his/her public key
The recipient encrypts a message digest with his/her private key

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