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CISSP Exam Cram 4th Edition PDF

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Q:1-Which of the following is a reasonable response from the intrusion detection system when it detects Internet Protocol (IP) packets where the IP source address is the same as the IP destination address?
Mark one answer:

Allow the packet to be processed by the network and record the event
Record selected information about the item and delete the packet
Resolve the destination address and process the packet
Translate the source address arid resend the packet

Q:2-A timely review of system access records would be an example of which basic security function?
Mark one answer:


Q:3-What type of malware that is capable of infect a file with an encrypted copy of itself, then modify itself when decoded to make almost impossible to detect by signature-based virus scanner?
Mark one answer:

Computer virus
Trojan house
Computer worm
Polymorphic virus

Q:4-Which of the following represents a prolonged high voltage?
Mark one answer:

A power surge
A power fault
A power sag
A power spike

Q:5-What type of malware is self-contained and it does not need to be part of another computer program to propagate?
Mark one answer:

Computer virus
Trojan house
Computer worm
Polymorphic virus

Q:6-Referential integrity requires that for any foreign key attribute, the referenced relation must have a tuple with the same value for which of the following?
Mark one answer:

candidate key
foreign key
secondary key
primary key

Q:7-Why does buffer overflow happen?
Mark one answer:

Because they are an easy weakness to exploit
Because buffers can only hold so much data
Because input data is not checked for appropriate length at time of input
Because of insufficient system memory

Q:8-The percentage of loss a realized threat could have on a certain asset is known as the:
Mark one answer:

Single loss expectancy (SLE)
Annualized rate of occurrence (ARO)
Exposure factor (EF)
Asses value (AV)

Q:9-Critical areas should be lighted:
Mark one answer:

Ten feet high and six feet out.
Ten feet high and four feet out.
Eight feet high and four feet out.
Eight feet high and two feet out.

Q:10-What is defined as the hardware, firmware and software elements of a trusted computing base that implement the reference monitor concept?
Mark one answer:

Protection rings
A security kernel
A protection domain
The reference monitor

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