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Q:1-The accounting branch of a large organization requires an application to process expense vouchers. Each voucher must be input by one of many accounting clerks, verified by the clerk’s applicable supervisor, then reconciled by an auditor before the reimbursement check is produced. What access control technique should be built into the application to meet the information protection needs?
Mark one answer:

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)
Password Security
Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
Terminal Access Controller Access System (TACACS)

Q:2-When establishing a violation tracking and analysis process, which one of the following parameters is used to keep the quantity of data to manageable levels?
Mark one answer:

Quantity baseline
Maximum log size
Circular logging
Clipping levels

Q:3-What role does biometrics have in logical access control?
Mark one answer:


Q:4-Which of the following does a digital signature provide?
Mark one answer:

It provides the ability to encrypt an individual’s confidential data.
It ensures an individual’s privacy.
It identifies the source and verifies the integrity of data.
It provides a framework for law and procedures.

Q:5-To which form of access control is a rule based control mechanism usually related?
Mark one answer:

Discretionary Access Control
Task-initiated Access Control
Subject-dependent Access Control
Token-oriented Access Control

Q:6-When a communication link is subject to monitoring, what is the advantage for using an end-to-end encryption solution over link encryption solution?
Mark one answer:

Cleartext is only available to the sending and receiving entities.
Routing information is included in the message transmission protocol.
Routing information is encrypted by the originator.
Each message has a unique encryption key.

Q:7-Three principal schemes that provide a framework for managing access control are
Mark one answer:

Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC), and Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC), and Layer Based Access Protocol (LBAP).
Mandatory Access Control (MAC), Layer Based Access Protocol (LBAP), and Target Based Access Protocol (TBAP).
Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Layer Based Access Protocol (LBAP), and Target Based Access Protocol (TBAP).

Q:8-An access system that grants users only those rights necessary for them to perform their work is operating on follows which security principle?
Mark one answer:

Discretionary Access
Least Privilege
Mandatory Access
Separation of Duties

Q:9-Which of the following can be identified when exceptions occur using operations security detective controls?
Mark one answer:

Unauthorized people seeing printed confidential reports.
Unauthorized people destroying confidential reports.
Authorized operations people performing unauthorized functions.
Authorized operations people not responding to important console messages.

Q:10-A major disadvantage of single sign-on (SSO) is:
Mark one answer:

Consistent time-out enforcement across platforms.
A compromised password exposes all authorized resources.
Use of multiple passwords to remember.
Password change control.

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