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CISSP Practice Questions

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Q:1-The admissibility rule requires that evidence must be excluded if:
Mark one answer:

It is not pertinent.
It is not legally obtained.
It is not sufficient.
It is not relevant.

Q:2-Resuming critical business functions includes:
Mark one answer:

Determining the extent of damage
Declaring a disaster
Establishing the command center
Contacting recovery team members

Q:3-If a site needed sporadic access to another network, which would be the best choice?
Mark one answer:

SVC (secondary virtual circuit)
SVC (switched virtual circuit)
TVC (temporary virtual circuit)
PVC (permanent virtual circuit)

Q:4-What is the effective length of a secret key in the Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm?
Mark one answer:


Q:5-A business impact analysis would not likely include which of the following tasks?
Mark one answer:

Calculating risk
Identifying threats
Selecting team members
Identifying critical functions of the company

Q:6-Which of the following backup facility is most expensive?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-What is the best description of a structured walk through test?
Mark one answer:

It is a test to ensure that the critical systems will run at the alternate site.
All departments receive a copy of the disaster recovery plan and walk through it.
Representatives from each department come together and go through the test collectively.
Operations are shifted to the emergency site and senior management reviews the plan on a line item by line item basis.

Q:8-What is the most critical factor in the development of a disaster recovery plan (DRP)?
Mark one answer:

Business impact analysis (BIA)
Annual testing
Participation from every department
Management support

Q:9-What is the primary reason for using one-way hashing algorithms on user passwords?
Mark one answer:

It provides the compression necessary to conserve hard disk space on the host system
It eliminates the excessive processing required of symmetric encryption.
It prevents people from seeing the passwords in clear text
It provides a simplified platform for password for most password cracking utilities

Q:10-When shopping for an off-site backup facility that will ultimately be used to store all your backup media, what is the most important factor to consider?
Mark one answer:

The backup facility should be within 15 minutes of the original facility.
The facility should contain an adequate number of PCs and servers and have raised flooring.
The facility should have at least one armed guard.
The facility should protect against unauthorized access and entry.

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