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Practice CISSP Test 06

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Q:1-Which of the following statements regarding session hijacking is incorrect:
Mark one answer:

The ability to spoof IP addresses makes it possible
Involves an attacker inserting him/herself in between two conversing devices.
Allows the attacker to pretend he/she is one of the actual endpoints.
Cannot be safeguarded against, not even through mutual authentication using protocols such as IPsec.

Q:2-____ tunnels NetBEUI and IPX protocols.
Mark one answer:


Q:3-Which of the following statements is incorrect:
Mark one answer:

Faxing must be incorporated into security policies.
Fax machines are more secure than fax servers.
Faxes can be logged and audited.
Faxes can be encrypted.

Q:4-Which of the following is incorrect with respect to a system cold start:
Mark one answer:

Occurs when an unexpected trusted computer base (TCB) or medial failure happens
Occurs when recovery procedure cannot recover the system to a more consistent state.
The system, TCB, and user objects may remain in an inconsistent state while the system attempts to recover itself.
Systems administrator intervention is typically not necessary to restore the system

Q:5-Trusted recovery may be defined as:
Mark one answer:

Procedures that restore a system and its data in a trusted manner after the system was disrupted or a system failure occurred.
Securely restoring a system after a hard drive failure.
Finding missing equipment and verifying that security policies were not violated.
An operating system regaining a secure state after a brief lapse into an insecure state.

Q:6-All of the followings are acceptable for sanitizing data except:
Mark one answer:

Deleting it.
Overwriting it.
Degaussing it.
Physically destroying it.

Q:7-Proper change control management involves:
Mark one answer:

Having an undisciplined change control process.
Having a well-structured change management process.
The immediate implementation of all requested changes so as to assure ultimate customer satisfaction.
Assuring that all of the CSO‘s request are immediately implemented

Q:8-Clipping level is all of the followings except:
Mark one answer:

Certain dates that require trimming down a devices audit logs
Thresholds for certain types of errors or mistakes.
Baselines for violation activities
Recorded for further review once they have been exceeded.

Q:9-Which is most likely to help a company detect fraudulent activity:
Mark one answer:

Mandatory vacations
Instituting least privilege

Q:10-The concept of least privilege…?
Mark one answer:

assures that employees take mandatory vacations
guarantees that only security personnel can view and change audit logs
helps security personnel catch repetitive mistakes.
assures that individuals only have the permissions and rights necessary for them to do their job

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