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PALS Pretest Answers

pals 2018 test answers pals test 2018

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Q:1-What is not a typical sign of respiratory distress?
Mark one answer:

nasal flaring

Q:2-What is the most common form of infectious pneumonia which often causes empyema?
Mark one answer:

streptococcus pneumoniae
mycoplasma pneumoniae
chlamydia pneumoniae
staphylococcus pneumoniae

Q:3-Children with increased ICP typically will present with all the following except which?
Mark one answer:

irregular breathing

Q:4-Shock occurs with which level of blood pressure?
Mark one answer:

all the above

Q:5-The recommended priority of treatment of ischemic hypoxia is what?
Mark one answer:

oxygen administration
increase cardiac output
restore hemoglobin concentration
none of the above

Q:6-Myocordial dysfunction impairs cardiac output and strock volume which can typically lead to which shock?
Mark one answer:

cardiogenic shock
septic shock
anaphylactic shock
neurogenic shock

Q:7-What should be the first priority when assisting a critically ill or injured child in shock?
Mark one answer:

oxygen administration
fluid resuscitation

Q:8-Which is not a common assessment when determining the effectiveness of fluid resuscitation?
Mark one answer:

heart rate
skin coloration
urine output

Q:9-Monitoring of continuous arterial blood pressure can be accomplished with placement of a __________.
Mark one answer:

central venous catheter
aterial catheter
pulmonary artery catheter
none of the above

Q:10-To treat cold shock, _____________ is preferred.
Mark one answer:


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