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PALS MCQ Questions

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Q:1-For cardiogenic shock, you should deliver a fluid challenge (5 to 10 mL/kg bolus) over what length of time?
Mark one answer:

1-5 minutes
5-10 minutes
10-20 minutes
under 3 minutes

Q:2-______________ is described as an accumulation of pressurized air in the pleural space.
Mark one answer:

tension pneumothorax
cardiac tamponade
massive pulmonary embolism
none of the above

Q:3-In a case of sinus tachycardia, the heart rate is ___________.
Mark one answer:


Q:4-Ventricular tachycardia is common in children.
Mark one answer:


Q:5-What is the first sign of the body's defensive response when a child or infant is in shock?
Mark one answer:

body temperature drop
body temperature rise
heart rate increase
heart rate decrease

Q:6-Each attempt for catheter insertion and suctioning of an infant should not surpass:
Mark one answer:

3 seconds
5 seconds
7 seconds
10 seconds

Q:7-The first warning sign of respiratory dysfunction is:
Mark one answer:

decrease of heart rate
increase in blood pressure
increase in respiratory rate
decrease in body temperature

Q:8-During resuscitation of a newborn infant, the blow-by oxygen rate of flow should always be more than:
Mark one answer:

2 L/min.
5 L/min.
6 L/min.
8 L/min.

Q:9-What age period is croup most common to occur?
Mark one answer:

3 - 5 years
6 months - 3 years
4 - 7 years
1 month - 12 months

Q:10-What is the recommended first energy level used for defibrillation?
Mark one answer:

0.3 joules/kg.
1.5 joules/kg.
2.0 joules/kg.
2.5 joules/kg.

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