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Arborist Practice Questions Free

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Q:1-A spruce tree has been losing it green color. Your entomologist friend examines the foliage, then shakes it vigorously over a white sheet of paper. He is checking
Mark one answer:

to see if rust spores are causing the discoloration
for the presence of spider mites
for shoot tip moth larvae
for sawfly eggs at the base of the needles

Q:2-"Body thrust" refers to
Mark one answer:

the safest method of lifting heavy objects
a method of ascending a tree
a physiological problem leading to stress cracks
the stage of insect development when the skin is shed to allow for growth

Q:3-If the terminal bud is removed in pruning
Mark one answer:

growth may be stimulated in lateral buds
the branch will die back
flowering is stimulated to enhance fruit production
all of these answers are correct

Q:4-Which of the following is true in order for a lightning protection system to be effective?
Mark one answer:

the tree cannot have grown around the conductors
the conductor must not be forked
the conductor must be properly grounded
all of these answers are correct

Q:5-What layer of cells is responsible for outward growth and increased girth of a tree?
Mark one answer:


Q:6-If a worker is injured in a tree, the FIRST thing you should do is
Mark one answer:

call 911
determine the exact time-a person can bleed to death in 4 minutes, or suffer permanent brain damage if not breathing
determine whether there is an electrical hazard
reach the victim to begin first aid procedures immediately

Q:7-When soil is compacted
Mark one answer:

a high water content will reduce the damaging effects
soil aggregates are broken up giving the soil a finer texture
total pore space and the percentage of macropores are reduced
micropores combine to form macropores

Q:8-When soils are compacted by construction equipment, trees usually decline because
Mark one answer:

oxygen availability is reduced.
root growth and expansion may be diminished.
the ability of the roots to absorb water and minerals decreases.
all of these answers are correct.

Q:9-Placing gravel in the bottom of the planting hole in a clay soil site
Mark one answer:

will improve drainage
will prevent the formation of girdling roots
will improve aeration and water infiltration
will restrict soil space and create a perched water situation

Q:10-The growth rings of a tree
Mark one answer:

can be counted to approximate a tree's age
are visible because of the rapid growth rate of early wood relative to late wood
can give information about growing conditions in previous years
all of these answers are correct

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