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Arborist Certification Study Guide

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Q:1-When planting in a compacted, clay soil
Mark one answer:

the backfill should be modified 50% with peat
the hole should be dug 6-8 inches deeper than the ball and soft fill added
the tree should be planted deeper to discourage surface root growth
the tree should be planted slightly shallow (with the top of the ball a few inches above ground level)

Q:2-Douglasfir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) differs from balsam fir (Abies balsamea) in that
Mark one answer:

they are not in the same family
balsam fir is not a conifer
they are not in the same genus
Douglasfir is actually a type of hemlock

Q:3-When pruning a branch from a tree, the final cut should be
Mark one answer:

flush with the parent stem
at a 45 degree angle with the parent stem
just outside the branch collar
parallel to the branch bark ridge

Q:4-When cabling a multi-stemmed tree, extra support can be added to the system by
Mark one answer:

installing the cables low in the tree with turnbuckles that can be tightened from the ground
all of these answers are correct
using double cables on each lag
cabling the limbs together in triangular combinations

Q:5-Which knot can be used for an emergency saddle?
Mark one answer:

bowline on a bight
tautline hitch
prusik knot
sheet bend

Q:6-Twig dieback from periodical cicadas is primarily a result of
Mark one answer:

larvae feeding on the roots
adults feeding on the foliage
ovipositing or egg-laying
feeding-induced galls on the twigs and foliage

Q:7-Which of the following should be treated first?
Mark one answer:

severe bleeding
suspended breathing
heat stroke

Q:8-Drop crotch pruning refers to a method of
Mark one answer:

safely lowering large limbs
size reduction of a tree
poor pruning resulting in peeled or stripped cuts
tying into the same branch that is being cut

Q:9-A tree may not respond immediately to fertilizer application if
Mark one answer:

all of these answers are correct
the tree is suffering from collar rot
a slow release fertilizer was applied
there is inadequate soil moisture

Q:10-A false crotch is
Mark one answer:

a point of weak branch attachment created by sucker development near heading cuts
a crotch that contains included bark, making it a potential hazard
a pulley or block that is hung in a tree to create a lowering point for ropes
the junction of two codominant stems

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