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Free sample numeracy test for nursing to pass nhs hca numeracy and literacy test. For numeracy test for nursing sample questions you must go through real exam. For that we provide maths test for nursing university interview 2018 real test. We discuss in these return to literacy numeracy practice tests nursing from different topics like sample literacy test for nursing, numeracy and literacy test online 2018.

maths test for nursing

In this test you have to answer nursing numeracy test papers. To get pass literacy and numeracy test sample you must answers correct. So Enjoy these healthcare assistant numeracy and literacy test to get enough knowledge for nhs literacy test sample attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Sample Numeracy Test Nursing

numeracy test practice literacy test nhs

Q:1- Patient A is prescribed Flucloxacillin 400mg q.d.s, stock strength available is 200mg capsules. What is the total number of tablets she will be required to take in 24hours?
Mark one answer:

4 tablets
6 tablets
2 tablets
8 tablets

Q:2- The drug Dopamine is prescribed at 0.2mg/kg/day. Patient A weighs 72.5kg, what is the total amount of dopamine that Patient A will need?
Mark one answer:

14.5 mg
72.5 mg
20.5 mg
14.0 mg

Q:3- Patient X is prescribed the antibiotic Cidomycin 350mg i.v. Stock strength available is 120mg/3ml to be added to 50mL Normal saline 0.9%. How many mL. of Cidomycin will you need to add to the bag of Normal Saline?
Mark one answer:

3.75 mL
5.75 mL
8.75 mL
9.75 mL

Q:4- Mr. Tin is prescribed 700mL of 5%Dextrose in 0.9% Normal saline to run over 6hours using a volumetric pump. How many mL/hr will you set the pump to one decimal place?
Mark one answer:

117.6 mL/hr
116.6 mL/hr
119.6 mL/hr
112.6 mL/hr

Q:5- A patient has been prescribed 1.4g of Benzylpenicillin i.v. Stock strength available is 650mg per vial which needs to be reconstituted with 10mL of sterile water for injections. What is the final concentration in mg/mL. of Benzylpenicillin?
Mark one answer:

65 mg/mL
14 mg/mL
10 mg/mL
60 mg/mL

Q:6- A patient is prescribed Codeine Phosphate 0.036g q.d.s., stock strength available is 18mg. How many tablets will you give for 12 hours?
Mark one answer:

4 tablets
3 tablets
2 tablets
6 tablets

Q:7- Adrenaline is available as 10 in 100,000 (10g in 100,000mL), what is the concentration in mg/mL.?
Mark one answer:

0.5 mg/mL
1.0 mg/mL
2.0 mg/mL
0.1 mg/mL

Q:8- Patient A is prescribed Metronidazole 350mg t.d.s. What is the total amount of Metronidazole in grams that Patient A will receive in 24 hours?
Mark one answer:

1.55 grams
1.00 grams
1.05 grams
1.50 grams

Q:9- The drug Amphotericin B is prescribed for a systemic fungal infection for patient X. The dose prescribed is 1mg/kg/day Patient X weighs 83.5kg. What is the dose of Amphotericin B required in mg for half a day?
Mark one answer:


Q:10- 350 micrograms of a drug is prescribed for i.m injection. Stock solution is 500 microgram in 2mL. How many mL. will you need to administer?
Mark one answer:

1.5 mL
2.4 mL
1.4 mL
1.0 mL

university nursing maths test