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Practice Theory Test 21

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Q:1-If you find somebody unconscious at the scene of an accident, what should you do?
Mark one answer:

Check the person's airways, breathing, and attempt to stop any bleeding
Call a friend and ask for advice
You should drive straight past the scene
Get the names of everybody that was involved with the accident

Q:2-There is a pedestrian nearby who has a red and white stick. What do you know about the pedestrian?
Mark one answer:

Blind and deaf

Q:3-If you have a collision with another vehicle, what will reduce the chances of you injuring your neck?
Mark one answer:

Having your seatbelt on
Holding your head upright
A properly adjusted head rest on your seat
An appropriately-sized steering wheel

Q:4-You find yourself at a railway level crossing and the red flashing light signal continues even once the train has passed. What do you do?
Mark one answer:

Sound the horn
Go across the railway intersection as quickly as possible
Drive across cautiously

Q:5-You are driving and a policeman flashes his headlights at you from behind. He is pointing to the left. What do you do?
Mark one answer:

At the next junction, turn left
Pull up on the left as soon as possible
Take a left at the next roundabout
Stop your car immediately

Q:6-On a regular motorway road, with three lanes, what is the furthest-right lane used for?
Mark one answer:

For lorries and large vehicles
For overtaking other vehicles
For vehicles travelling at high speed
For vehicles travelling at lower speeds

Q:7-If you are driving in very strong wind, and you want to overtake a motorcyclist, how should you go about it?
Mark one answer:

Pass at a high speed
Stay close to the motorcyclist at all times to protect them from the wind
Overtake the motorcyclist, giving them as much room as possible
Pass at a low speed

Q:8-What is the speed limit of the outside lane found on a motorway? Is it:
Mark one answer:

90 mph
60 mph
80 mph
70 mph

Q:9-If you are travelling under the speed limit and a driver behind you is flashing their lights, what should you do?
Mark one answer:

Brake quickly so that the drivers behind you will see your brake lights
Drive quicker so that the driver behind you isn't stuck at the same speed as you
Turn on the rear fog lights to signal the other driver
Allow the vehicle to overtake you

Q:10-If your vehicle breaks down in a tunnel, what should you go about doing first?
Mark one answer:

Wait until somebody reports your car as broken down
Get out of the car and stand in front of it so that other drivers can see it isn’t moving
Get out of the car and see if any passing drivers can help you.
Turn on your hazard lights and get in touch with your breakdown company using an emergency telephone or your mobile telephone

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