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Practice Theory Test

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Q:1-You are allowed to use fog lights when:
Mark one answer:

Only when it is completely dark
When visibility is seriously impaired
Anytime you like
As soon as dusk arrives

Q:2-On what occasion should you use your horn:
Mark one answer:

To let others know that they have annoyed you
To let others know that you are going straight ahead
As a greeting to other drivers or pedestrians when you recognize them
To warn others of a danger

Q:3-You are driving at 60kmh when a pedestrian steps out in front of you and you hit him/her with the car. The result is:
Mark one answer:

It is probable that s/he will survive
It is certain that s/he will survive
It is certain that s/he will be killed
It is probable that s/he will be killed

Q:4-You are involved with a collision where someone suffers a burn. What is the shortest time that a burn should be cooled for:
Mark one answer:

10 minutes
20 minutes
30 minutes
5 minutes

Q:5-There is an obstruction on your side of the road. You should:
Mark one answer:

Drive through slowly because whoever is there first has right of way but you do not want to drive dangerously
Accelerate; this is one of those instances where the first through has right of way
Stop and give way to oncoming traffic because they have right of way
Carry on driving because you have right of way

Q:6-You want to reverse but you are not 100% certain that it is safe to do so. What should you do:
Mark one answer:

Get out of your car and check
Sound your horn to alert anyone in your way that you are about to reverse
Wind the window down and shout out of the window for anyone to move for you
Reverse very slowly

Q:7-You are carrying a heavy load on your roof rack. You should make sure that:
Mark one answer:

You are able to see it through your wing mirrors
It is covered properly with plastic sheeting
It is secured properly
It is loaded so that the most weight is towards the back of the vehicle

Q:8-One of your passengers is a baby. You are going to place the rear facing safety seat in the front seat. What must you do first:
Mark one answer:

Deactivate the front passenger airbag
Make sure the child locks are off
Make sure the child locks are on
Deactivate all the airbags

Q:9-You are driving in fog. Why should you keep your speed down:
Mark one answer:

Because your brakes may not work properly in the damp conditions
Because the engine will be damp and will need more time to warm up
Because it is more difficult to see what is going on
Because you might be dazzled by other drivers' fog lights if you drive quickly

Q:10-What is the purpose of an Active Traffic Management scheme on a motorway:
Mark one answer:

To reduce the incidents of tailgating
To encourage drivers to make more rest stops
To prevent dangerous overtaking
To prevent congestion

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