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Practice Theory Test 14

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Q:1-Which of these times should you NOT overtake:
Mark one answer:

Just after you have completed a bend
When there is a speed limit of 40mph
When the road dips
When you are driving in a one-way street

Q:2-You need to take extra care if the weather is very windy when:
Mark one answer:

You are overtaking a cyclist
You are driving downhill
You first pull off
You need to use your brakes

Q:3-You can use the right hand lane of a three lane dual carriageway for:
Mark one answer:

Driving over 50mph only
Only turning right
Overtaking only
Overtaking and turning right

Q:4-If you have put too much oil in your engine what could happen:
Mark one answer:

It could leak out
It may do serious damage
The oil pressure will become too high
All of the above

Q:5-What makes a toucan crossing different from other crossings:
Mark one answer:

Only children can use it
The lights on them are different to other crossings
Cyclists can use it
It is controlled by a person such as a police officer or traffic warden

Q:6-You have two 12 year old children and one of their parents in your car. Whose responsibility is it to make sure that the children are wearing seatbelts:
Mark one answer:

The parent of the children
The children's
No-one's; they are sitting in the back so don't need one

Q:7-Braking distances change in different weather conditions. In icy conditions, braking distances are:
Mark one answer:

Ten times more than usual
Seven times more than usual
Five times more than usual
Three times more than usual

Q:8-A SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) is valid (provided the vehicle is kept off-road):
Mark one answer:

As long as the vehicle has a valid MOT certificate
For 6 or 12 months
As long as the vehicle is insured
Until your vehicle is taxed, sold, scrapped or permanently exported.

Q:9-How will you know if a school crossing patrol wants you to stop:
Mark one answer:

By pointing a finger at your vehicle
By showing you a red light
By showing you a stop sign
By waving an arm at you

Q:10-You are driving along a three lane motorway and are towing a trailer. You must NOT:
Mark one answer:

Do more than 50mph
Tow without having a stabiliser fitted
Use the right hand lane

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