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Practice Theory Test 12

uk driving licence driving theory test sample questions driving theory practise test

Q:1-You will know if a road has a dedicated cycle lane because of the solid white line. When are you permitted to cross that line:
Mark one answer:

When traffic is particularly heavy
If it is empty
At night

Q:2-A If you are driving through a tunnel, you must:
Mark one answer:

Make sure that your air conditioning is working properly
Have your windscreen wipers switched on
Make sure that your rear fog light is on
Keep your eyes open for variable road signs

Q:3-If you tow a trailer you must ensure that it is hitched securely to the towing vehicle. You could use what as an extra precaution:
Mark one answer:

A breakaway cable
A liquid gas cylinder
A jockey wheel
An extra tow hitch

Q:4-Following too closely behind a large vehicle is not a good idea because:
Mark one answer:

You will have to keep slowing down and speeding up and your engine will overheat
You will have to keep braking and your brakes will overheat
You will get pulled along in its slipstream
Your visibility will be impeded

Q:5-You are driving along when you suddenly see a motorcyclist lying, unconscious in the road. There is no other vehicle involved with what has happened. What is the first thing you should do:
Mark one answer:

Warn other drivers
Remove the motorcyclist's helmet
Move the motor cycle out of the road
Get the motor cyclist out of the road

Q:6-The fluid in your car's battery needs topping up. What should you use:
Mark one answer:

Distilled water
Battery acid
Engine oil

Q:7-An ambulance is following you and is using flashing lights and a siren. What should you do:
Mark one answer:

Speed up so that it can go faster
Stop immediately so that it can get past
Keep driving normally
Pull over as soon as it is safe to do so

Q:8-It is compulsory for a motorcar to have an MOT certificate when
Mark one answer:

When it is sold for the very first time
When it is three years old
When it is five years old
It first comes off the production line

Q:9-If you use a hands free phone while you are driving you are likely to:
Mark one answer:

Have normal concentration, it's just like listening to the radio
Have your attention diverted
Have better concentration
Have your view restricted

Q:10-Before you stop your car you must:
Mark one answer:

Indicate and pull over immediately
Indicate as soon as you think about pulling over until you find a safe place to make the manouvre
Flash your headlight so that other road users know that you are about to do something
Check your mirrors to see if other road users will be affected by your manouvre

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