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Practice Theory Test 11

dvsa theory test practice online mock driving theory test

Q:1-What are traffic calming measures used for:
Mark one answer:

Helping drivers to overtake
Slowing traffic down
Reducing road rage incidents
Helping drivers to park

Q:2-A Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) must be kept updated. Whose legal responsibility is this:
Mark one answer:

The manufacturer of the vehicle
The licensing authority
The registered keeper of the vehicle
The company that insures the vehicle

Q:3-It is raining heavily and you are following a large vehicle that is creating a lot of spray. You should:
Mark one answer:

Increase your speed and overtake as quickly as you can
Put your headlights on full beam so that your visibility is improved
Stay as close to the large vehicle as you can to avoid the spray
Increase the distance between you and the large vehicle until you can see better

Q:4-You are driving on a motorway and are getting tired so you decide that you need to stop. Where should you do this:
Mark one answer:

On the hard shoulder
At a service station
On the central reservation
On the slip road

Q:5-You are behind a long vehicle and are approaching a mini roundabout. Although the long vehicle indicates left it moves to the right of the road. What should you do:
Mark one answer:

Stay well back
Undertake the long vehicle
Assume that the long vehicle is trying to avoid something in the road and so follow it
Flash your lights or sound your horn so that the driver is aware that you are not happy with the manoeuvre

Q:6-If there has been an incident, casualties are a priority. When the area is safe you should:
Mark one answer:

Make sure that they get out of the vehicle
Make sure that they stay in the vehicle
Give them something to eat if they are hungry
Give them a drink if they are thirsty

Q:7-When you are driving there is a police car behind you. The police officer flashes you and then points to the left. What should you do:
Mark one answer:

Drive closer to the kerb so that they can pass you
Take the next left turning
Come to an immediate halt
Pull over to the left as soon as it is safe to do so

Q:8-Some road signs give orders that must be obeyed. Usually these orders are:
Mark one answer:

On a red triangle
On a blue rectangle
On a green rectangle
On a red circle

Q:9-You are waiting at the junction of a minor road onto a busier road and want to turn left. A large vehicle is approaching from the right. You know that you will be able to make your turning in time but you should still wait. What is the reason for this:
Mark one answer:

The large vehicle may be having problems steering straight
The large vehicle's size may make it seem like it is going slower than it really is
The large vehicle may be obstructing your vision and so you cannot see if there is another vehicle overtaking it
The large vehicle may be obstructing other vehicles to the left of it

Q:10-You are driving along the middle lane of a three lane motorway. What is the national speed limit for motor cars when in this lane:
Mark one answer:

60 mph
50 mph
70 mph
40 mph

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