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Practice Theory Test 09

Unlimited Highwaycode Theory Test Questions. for 50 each mock test. Practice here online free.

Q:1-You are driving along when another driver does something that upsets you. It may help if:
Mark one answer:

You flash your lights
You sound your horn
You sound your horn flash your lights and gesticulate
You stop your car and have a break until you feel calmer

Q:2-You are towing a caravan and it starts to snake. How can you stop this from happening:
Mark one answer:

Slow down gently
Slow down quickly
Turn the steering wheel from side to side in the opposite direction to the snaking
Speed up

Q:3-You are driving along when you see a hazard ahead. You should check your mirrors. Why is this:
Mark one answer:

Because you have to brake really hard
So that you can see what is happening on the road in front of you
So you can assess how any action that you take will affect other road users
Because you will need to speed up to get away from the hazard

Q:4-Following too closely behind a large vehicle is not a good idea because:
Mark one answer:

Your upholstery could be damaged
You may need to change your speed drastically
The length of your journey will increase
The life of your battery can get shorter

Q:5-You are driving behind a long vehicle when it reaches a crossroads. It indicates left but moves to the right. What should you do:
Mark one answer:

Stay well back; it needs to move to the right to give itself the room to make the left hand manoeuvre possible
Assume that the driver has used the indicator incorrectly and wants to actually turn right
Move to the left of the long vehicle
Overtake as soon as you possibly can

Q:6-You are driving and towing a trailer, which starts to swerve and snake. You should:
Mark one answer:

Brake hard
Ease off the accelerator and slow down gently
Speed up
Release the steering wheel so that the swerving will correct itself

Q:7-You are asked by a police officer to produce your documents but you do not have them with you. You may take them to a police station within how many days:
Mark one answer:

Seven days
Three days
Thirty days
Fourteen days

Q:8-Which of these emergency vehicles has a green flashing beacon:
Mark one answer:

A doctor's car
A fire engine
A blood transfusion vehicle
A bomb disposal vehicle

Q:9-The left hand lane on a motorway is for the use of:
Mark one answer:

Lorries and caravans
Slow vehicles
The emergency services

Q:10-You see people waiting at a pedestrian crossing. You should never wave them on to cross because:
Mark one answer:

It would be safer for everyone if you just carried on driving
They may just be chatting and not really wanting to cross
They may not see you and you will look foolish
There may be another vehicle coming and they would be in danger

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