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Practice Theory Test 07

Collection of theory test tips for Pass Motorcycle Theory test Exam 2018 with free online practice.

Q:1-What is the typical stopping distance in good conditions when travelling at 70mph:
Mark one answer:

197 feet (60 metres)
315 feet (96 metres)
240 feet (73 metres)
175 feet (53 metres)

Q:2-You want to tow a caravan. What can you do to help with the handling:
Mark one answer:

Fit a stabiliser to the towbar
Fit anti-lock brakes to the towing vehicle
Fit power steering to the towing vehicle
Fit a jockey wheel to the towbar

Q:3-During or after torrential rain, the motorway is causing you visibility problems. Spray is affecting your view of the motorway and affecting general driving conditions. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Turn on your high beams
Use your indicators to indicate there is bad weather
Have your headlights switched on in the dipped setting
Ensure that you have switched on your front fog lights

Q:4-How long is an MOT certificate usually valid for:
Mark one answer:

Twelve months
100,000 miles
Six months
20,000 miles

Q:5-What is a cover note:
Mark one answer:

The document that you receive before you get your MOT
The document that you receive before you get your driving licence
The document that you receive before you get your registration document
The document that you receive before you get your insurance certificate

Q:6-You are approaching a roundabout on a main road. There are yellow lines painted across the road. They are there:
Mark one answer:

To make you aware of how fast you are driving
To help you keep your distance from the vehicle in front
To help you choose which lane you need to be in
To let you know how far it is to the roundabout

Q:7-On a motorway there are reflective studs between each lane. What colour are they:
Mark one answer:


Q:8-You are driving along when you come to an area that is flooded. You drive through it but then you need to dry off your brakes. How do you do this:
Mark one answer:

You drive slowly and apply the brakes gently a few times
You speed up and drive fast for a little while
You let them dry off naturally by stopping the car and waiting for about an hour
You let them dry off naturally by not using them for a few miles

Q:9-When driving towards a crossroads that's unmarked, how do you know if you have right of way?
Mark one answer:

If you are driving faster than everyone else
You cannot know for certain
If you are driving on the newest looking road
If you have the largest vehicle

Q:10-You are driving behind a long vehicle and are approaching crossroads. The long vehicle indicates right but moves over to the left of the road. What should you do:
Mark one answer:

Report the driver of the long vehicle to the police
Flash your headlights at the long vehicle so that the driver can become aware that the wrong indicator has been used
Stay well behind the long vehicle and be prepared to stop
Overtake the long vehicle so that you can get away from it as quickly as possible

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