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Q:1-Wet cement, mortar and concrete is hazardous to your health as it causes:
Mark one answer:

muscle ashes
arc eye
chemical burn and dermatitis
dissiness and headaches

Q:2-Someone working in a deep manhole has collapsed. What is the first thing you should do?
Mark one answer:

Go and tell your supervisor
Shout and raise the alarm as a trained rescue team will be needed
Get someone to lower you into the manhole on a rope
Climb into the manhole and give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Q:3-Your doctor has given you some medication. Which of these questions is the most important?
Mark one answer:

Will my supervisor find out?
Will i work more slowly?
Will i oversleep and be late for work?
Will it make me drowsy or unsafe to work?

Q:4-A first-aid box should NOT contain:
Mark one answer:

over the counter medicines such as aspirin or painkillers
safety pins

Q:5-Which of these are designed to improve safety?
Mark one answer:

Site induction
Toolbox talks
Risk Assessment
All of the above

Q:6-Why should you try to use battery-powered tools rather than electrical ones?
Mark one answer:

They will not give you an electric shock
They are cheaper to run
They do not need to be tested or serviced
They will no give you hand-arm vibration

Q:7-Which of the following do you need to do to ensure that your mask works?
Mark one answer:

Check you are wearing it correctly
Check it's the correct type needed
Pass a face fit test wearing the mask
All of these answers

Q:8-It is dangerous to run an abrasive wheel faster than its recommended top speed. Why?
Mark one answer:

The wheel could shatter and burst into many pieces
The safety guard cannot be used
The wheel will get clogged and stop
The motor could burst into flames

Q:9-If you store materials on a working platform, which statement is correct?
Mark one answer:

Materials can be stored unsecured above the guard-rail height
Materials can be stored anywhere, even if they post a trip hazard or block the walkway
Materials do not need to be secured if they are going to be there for less than an hour
Materials must be stored so they can't fall and the platform must be able to take their weight

Q:10-Who must you report a serious accident to?
Mark one answer:

Your employer
The ambulance service
The police service
Site security

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