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SMSTS Test Questions

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SMSTS Past Exams

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Q:1-Kevin's method statement states that hearing protection should be used when using a nail gun, but he has left his at home. What should Kevin do?
Mark one answer:

Talk to the site manager about the issue
Talk to a colleague about the issue
Change the method statement so that there is no requirement for hearing protection
Use the nail gun without hearing protection

Q:2-Ivan is a plumber and he needs to offload a delivery from a lorry in a narrow street.
Mark one answer:

Put up warning signs for pedestrians
Talk to his supervisor about how to protect the public
Inform everybody about the issue
Block off the road with barriers

Q:3-What is the best way to protect an extension cable while you work, as well as minimizing trip hazards?
Mark one answer:

Run the cable by the shortest route
Run the cable above head height
Cover the cable with yellow tape
Cover the cable with pieces of wood

Q:4-What does this sign mean?
Warning-substance or contents are flammable
Mark one answer:

Warning-substance or contents are flammable (can catch fire easily)
Warning-substance or contents are harmful
Dispose of substance or contents by burning
Warning-substance or contents could explode

Q:5-You are working in a confined space when you notice the smell of bad eggs. This smell is a sign of:
Mark one answer:

Hydrogen Sulphide
Carbon Dioxide

Q:6-A heavy load has been delivered to site. What should you consider before attempting to move it?
Mark one answer:

Who to call for help
How manual lift could be avoided
How many people are needed
How the risk of manual handling could be reduced

Q:7-What does this sign mean?
Hi-vis clothing must be worn
Mark one answer:

Cover up bare arms
Hi-vis clothing must be worn
Do nothing, it only applies to managers
Wear white clothes at night

Q:8-A mobile tower scaffold must NOT be used on:
Mark one answer:

a smooth concrete path
soft or uneven ground
an asphalt road
a paved patio

Q:9-When does an employer need to provide a first-aid box?
Mark one answer:

There is no legal duty to provide one
At all times
If more then 10 persons are on site
If more then 25 persons are on site

Q:10-If you think someone has broken their leg you should:
Mark one answer:

Ask for a first aider or call for other medical help.
Lie them carefully on their side in the recovery position.
Strap their legs together with your belt to prevent movement.
Help them to lie with their back flat on the ground.

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