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CITB SMSTS Mock Test Papers

smsts course questions and answers

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Q:1-Alex is finished with his work for the day. What should he do now?
Mark one answer:

Go home without telling anybody
Call his agency to inform them about his plans
Go and sign out before going home
Sen a text message to his supervisor and go home

Q:2-Ivan is a plumber and he knows he needs a fire extinguisher when soldering pipework. Today he has not got his with him. What should he do?
Mark one answer:

Carry on regardless
Do not solder anything until his fire extinguisher is at hand
Have a bucket of water at hand
Ask the neighbors if they have one

Q:3-Linda needs to use the toilet but the ladies is full with stored materials. What should Linda do?
Mark one answer:

Talk to the site manager about the issue
Use the man's toilets
Try not to go to the toilet all day
Move the material out of the ladies toilet

Q:4-Bart is an agency worker and he has just been welcomed to the construction site. His supervisor instructs him to get to work. What should Bart do?
Mark one answer:

Ask for a site induction
Go and have breakfast
Get to work right away
Go and try to find somebody to find out about site rules

Q:5-Matt's tools are located in an asbestos infected area which is out of bounds. What should Matt do about this issue?
Mark one answer:

Move quickly in and out with his tools
Ask a colleague to get his tools for him
Talk to the site supervisor about the problem
Use proper PPE and get his tools

Q:6-Lee cuts his finger while working on a construction site. What should he do?
Mark one answer:

Stop work and go home
Get a plaster for it
Ignore it if it is not to bad
Ask for the first aider

Q:7-Alex needs to get to the other end of a large construction site with all his tools. He has been told that only authorized vehicles are allowed on site. What should he do?
Mark one answer:

Drive his van across the site
Ask his supervisor for a lift
Ask a passing lorry to give him a ride
Give up and go home

Q:8-Ivan is working in a clients house. Work is not yet completed but he needs to go home. What should Ivan do?
Mark one answer:

Make the work area safe for the client
Warn the client to be careful in the bathroom since work is not finished.
Go home without saying anything
Stay longer and finished the job

Q:9-Bart was asked by his supervisor to operate the site telehandler, but he has never done this before. what should he do?
Mark one answer:

Ask a colleague for a quick training session
Go and give it a try
Inform his supervisor that he is not trained on this piece of equipment
Look for the use manual and read it

Q:10-Kevin is a carpenter who is on his first day on a new project and he has just being told to start work immediately. What should Kevin do next?
Mark one answer:

Look for the smoking area
Ask a colleague how the site operates
Ask for a site induction
Go and get the tools from the van

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