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CITB SSSTS Sample Papers smsts test questions and answers

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Q:1-When working in a confined space, which of the following is not a valid control measure?
Mark one answer:

Monitoring the atmosphere whilst undertaking the tasks
Fully trained operatives and rescue teams being used
Testing atmosphere for oxygen & flammable substances before entrance
Testing atmosphere after entrance with a hand-held meter

Q:2-At what point should an excavation be inspected by a competent person?
Mark one answer:

Once a fortnight
Once a week on certain projects only
Twice a shift while work in progress
At the beginning of every shift when work in the excavation is to be commenced

Q:3-In regards to the management of risks, in which of the following regulations would you find the general principles of preventions?
Mark one answer:

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
The Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations
The Construction (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations
The Construction (Design 7 Management) Regulations 2015

Q:4-An improvement notice has been issued for a lifting operation. If the site decides to appeal, what is the specified time and action period to be taken prior to the tribunal hearing?
Mark one answer:

Appeal within 21 days and the notice is suspended until the tribunal hearing
Appeal within 21 days and the notice is cancelled until the tribunal hearing
Appeal within 7 days and the notice will stand until the tribunal hearing
Appeal within 30 days and the notice will stand until tribunal hearing

Q:5-In regards to the HSE (Health and Safety) guidance, when should 120 volts electric tools that are used on construction sites be inspected and tested?
Mark one answer:

Before first use and at 6 monthly intervals
Before first use and at 3 monthly intervals
Before first use and at annual intervals
Before first use and at 9 monthly intervals

Q:6-Which of the following is an additional precaution that must be undertaken, when it is necessary to use mains (230 volts) powered equipment?
Mark one answer:

Fitting in a larger capacity fuse
Incorporating a residual current device (RCD) with the current circuit
Operating a step-down transformer
The user must be trained

Q:7-Which of the following must be the primary concern of the contractor when undertaking construction works within a structure that has partial occupation?
Mark one answer:

Arrange to use occupiers welfare facilities for a temporary period
With prior notice, have all deliveries arrive to the site
Ensure noise levels are kept to a minimum and there is no disruption
Co-ordinate and pre plan emergency procedures with the site occupiers

Q:8-Which of the following documentation should contain information on residual risk upon completing of a project?
Mark one answer:

The Health and Safety file
Pre-construction information
Health and Safety policy
Construction phase plan

Q:9-Which is not a valid reason for keeping an up-to-date accident book on site?
Mark one answer:

Important to encourage workers to record injuries, even if injuries are small
A specific requirement of The Social Security (claims & Payments) Regulations
Accidents that are reputable to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) should be recorded & notified
It could indicate accident trends and notice the pattern on the frequent problem areas

Q:10-What is the purpose of proactive monitoring?
Mark one answer:

To establish the reasons as to why accidents happen
To report all accidents to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)
To prevent accidents during the observations of what tasks are carried out
To record details of accidents in the accident book

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