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Q:1-Regarding ‘The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015’, which document must be handed to the client following the completion of the project?
Mark one answer:

The pre-tender health and safety file
The operation and maintenance manual
The construction phase plan
The file for Health and Safety

Q:2-What is the legal duty of employees in regards to attending health inspection?
Mark one answer:

Present themselves for health inspection, when required by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)
Present themselves for health inspection, when required by their employer
Present themselves, when required by the Medical Advisory Service
Present themselves for health inspection, at their own wish

Q:3-Under RIDDOR who has the responsibility to report a specified injury, sustained by an employee, to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)?
Mark one answer:

The employer of the injured person
The principal contractor
The CDM co-ordinator
The injured person

Q:4-In regards to the site security, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 require the principal contractor to:
Mark one answer:

Provide full time security guards on the site
Surround the site with a two metre high hoarding
Ensure only authorised persons enter the site
Employ a professional security management company

Q:5-Which of the following is not referred to in either the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 or the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005?
Mark one answer:

A responsible person
A competent person
A fire certificate
A relevant premises

Q:6-Which of the following is significant when conducting site audits?
Mark one answer:

Consistency on each audit at the same time and day of every month
Ignore all previous shortcomings that were present in previous audits
Recording and putting the findings into action
Learning and memorising the findings of the audit

Q:7-What action should the site manager implement if an operative whom is deaf is brought on site to work with a contractor?
Mark one answer:

Ensure contractor has completed all risk assessments for the tasks the deaf individual has to do
Assign another operative to observe all the tasks
Check that the operative is qualified for the job i.e. checking if operative has a CSCS card
Refuse to let the operative on site

Q:8-Which one of the following is not a hazardous substance?
Mark one answer:


Q:9-What is an ‘accident’?
Mark one answer:

An accident that had no consequences of damage or injury
A string of events with no major damage
A string of events that have not been reported to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)
An unplanned and unexpected incident resulting in damage/harm to the property/person

Q:10-In an area where there is sufficient fuel of timber and cardboard to cause fire, which type of fire extinguisher should be provided?
Mark one answer:

Carbon dioxide
Fire blanket
Dry powder

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