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In this test you have to answer ptcb exam test questions. To get pass pharmacy technician ptcb questions you must answers correct. So Enjoy these ptcb sample math questions to get enough knowledge for ptcb practice questions 2018 attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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PTCB Math Practice Questions

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Q:1-A script for cough syrup reads 15ml PO Q4° PRN. What should you type on the patients packaging?
Mark one answer:

A spoonfull taken orally every 4 hours as needed
One teaspoon taken orally every 4 hours as needed
One tablespoon taken orally every 4 hours as needed
15ml taken orally every 4 hours as needed

Q:2-Which is not true about HIPAA?
Mark one answer:

Helps insure patient privacy.
Prevents healthcare fraud and abuse.
Regulates the use and disclosure of patient information.
Helps to decrease the rate of errors in pharmacy.

Q:3-A pharmacy can order DEA Sch. 3 drugs from their wholesaler:
Mark one answer:

Using a standard invoice.
Using a credit memo.
Using a DEA Form 222.
Only with guaranteed funds.

Q:4-With which class of FDA recall is there is a potential for serious injury or death
Mark one answer:

Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4

Q:5-An eight year old boy weights 75 Lbs. The adult dosage of Drug C is 400mg. The childrens dosage using Clarks rule is:
Mark one answer:


Q:6-Dr. Acosta has a practice in Delaware and recieved her DEA number in 1988. What will the two letters in her DEA number prefix be?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-Which size of needle has the largest diameter?
Mark one answer:

18 Gauge
16 Gauge
20 Gauge
14 Gauge

Q:8-What is the primary function / use for Rosiglitazone?
Mark one answer:

Proton Pump Inhibitor

Q:9-A _____ distributes HEPA filtered air into a work area to maintain a sterile environment.
Mark one answer:

Cleanroom Fan
Laminar Flow Hood
Class 100 Airfan
Micron filter fan

Q:10-How many Tablespoons are in 16 Ounces?
Mark one answer:


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