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Free ptce practice math to pass ptce practice exams. For ptce practice test and answers you must go through real exam. For that we provide ptce free study guide real test. We discuss in these free ptce practice tests from different topics like free ptce math practice questions, ptce hospital questions 2018.

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In this test you have to answer free online ptce practice test. To get pass ptce practice exam you must answers correct. So Enjoy these ptce practice to get enough knowledge for practice ptce tests 2018 attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Q:1-You have received a script that reads 2gtt OU BID. What will the label placed on the patients packaging read?
Mark one answer:

Two Drops in both ears two times daily
Two Drops in both eyes two times daily
Two Drops in right ear three times a day.
Two drops in left eye two times daily

Q:2-Convert 25°C to F°.
Mark one answer:


Q:3-A 14 year old boy weights 110 lbs. He is prescribed by his Doctor to take 5mg/Kg of drug "A" daily. What will his dose be?
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Q:4-C C X L is equal to
Mark one answer:


Q:5-If 100 tablets cost 122.00, how much does each tablet cost?
Mark one answer:


Q:6-Which regulatory agency would initiate a class II recall on a prescription drug?
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Q:7-A cart exchange in a hospital usually takes place every:
Mark one answer:

12 Hours
6 Hours
24 Hours
48 Hours

Q:8-2.5 ounces is equal to:
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Q:9-Which DEA schedule contains substances with the least potential for abuse?
Mark one answer:

Sch. 1
Sch. 4
Sch. 5
Sch. 2

Q:10-A script for Zolpidem will expire after _____ and may have up to _____.
Mark one answer:

6 Months, No Refills
12 Months, 1 year of Refills
12 Months, No Refills
6 months, 5 Refills

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