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Free pharmacy technician practice exam to pass ptcb practice test 2018. For ptcb exam questions you must go through real exam. For that we provide free ptcb practice exam 2018 real test. We discuss in these ptcb practice exam 2018 from different topics like pharmacy technician certification practice exam, free ptcb practice test 2018.

pharmacy technician practice test 2018

In this test you have to answer ptcb free practice test. To get pass pharmacy technician exam practice you must answers correct. So Enjoy these pharmacy technician quiz to get enough knowledge for ptcb exam practice attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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PTCB Practice Exam 2018

pharmacy technician test questions

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Q:1-What is not required on a repackaging log?
Mark one answer:

Initials of licensed pharmacist
Date of repackaging
Quantity repackaged

Q:2-What are the characteristics of Emphysema?
Mark one answer:

A disorder of the central nervous system characterized by loss of consciousness and convulsions
An abnormal condition of the lungs marked by decreased respiratory function
A polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood
Excess body fat accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health

Q:3-30 mL of hydroxyzine containing gr viiss is available. How many mL must be dispensed for a gr v order?
Mark one answer:

10 mL
40 mL
30 mL
20 mL

Q:4-Which of the following is required on a patient prescription?
Mark one answer:

Nurse's ID number
Physician's ID number
Prescriber information

Q:5-What do the last two numbers in an NDC number refer to?
Mark one answer:

None of the other options
Drug Manufacturer
Drug Packaging
Drug Product

Q:6-Which of the following is formed when a pharmacy agrees to purchase a majority of its goods from a wholesaler?
Mark one answer:

Wholesaler Agreement
Prime Vendor Agreement
Group Purchasing Agreement
Formulary Agreement

Q:7-Which disease is characterized by a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality?
Mark one answer:


Q:8-Which describes the air flow of a Type B1 laminar flow hood?
Mark one answer:

Recycles air and exhausts to the outside
Exhausts a majority of contaminated air to the outside
Recirculates part of the air and exhausts into the room
Exhausts all contaminated air to the outside

Q:9-Which of the following drugs is not used to treat Multiple Sclerosis?
Mark one answer:


Q:10-How many mL will a patient receive if infused with 125 mL/hr for 7 hrs?
Mark one answer:

437.5 mL
875 mL
625 mL
312.5 mL

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