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In this test you have to answer cgfns exam practice questions. To get pass nursing test cgfns you must answers correct. So Enjoy these practice exam questions cgfns to get enough knowledge for cgfns practice test attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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CGFNS Practice Questions

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Q:1-The home care nurse recognizes the need to provide further teaching to the mother of a six year old newly diagnosed with diabetes when the mother states
Mark one answer:

My six year old can exercise with my twelve year old.
The prescribed diabetic diet will be healthy for the whole family.
I will participate in a diabetic education program.
My husband''s family has history of diabetes.

Q:2-What nursing action would be most effective in changing the behavior of a child diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHA)?
Mark one answer:

Reward appropriate behavior
Sedate the child for acting out
Use aggressive punishment to control undesired behavior
Use lengthy time out session

Q:3-The most appropriate approach for the staff to take with the client who demonstrate manipulative aggressive behavior is to
Mark one answer:

Allow the client''s favorite nurse to be her primary counselor.
Sedate the client with medication at signs of aggression.
Set clear limits on the client''s behavior.
Tell the client that his behavior is disruptive to other clients.

Q:4-A nurse is making a home health visit and finds the client experiencing right lower quadrant abdominal pain, which has decreased in intensity over the last day. The client also has a rigid abdomen and a temperature of 103.6ºF. The nurse should intervene by
Mark one answer:

Administering Tylenol (acetaminophen) for the elevated temperature.
Advising the client to increase oral fluids.
Asking the client when she last had a bowel movement.
Notifying the physician.

Q:5-Which of the following nursing measures would be appropriate in the care of a client who has hepatic encephalopathy?
Mark one answer:

Encourage fluid intake >1500ml/day
Administer opiate analgesics on schedule.
Monitor vital signs for hypertension.
Observe for changes in behavior.

Q:6-A client exhibits coughing, sneezing, dyspnea and wheezing. The nurse administers oxygen therapy to the client. Which of the following outcome measures would the nurse expect to see as a result of the oxygen therapy?
Mark one answer:

Improved respiratory rate and rhythm
Delayed capillary refill
Absence of pain
Improved cardiac function

Q:7-A client is transferring to a chair for the first time following a posterior spinal fusion. To assist the client, the nurse should first
Mark one answer:

Secure a mechanical lift to transfer the client from bed to chair.
Have the client roll on his side, bend his knees, and sit up with assistance without bending his trunk.
Pull the client to a sitting position using his arms and turn him to dangle on the side of the bed.
Call physical therapy to supervise the transfer of the client.

Q:8-A client is taking the atypical antisychotic medication, olanzapine (Zyprexa). Which of the following client statements indicates that the nurse''s teaching about the side effects of the medication has been successful?
Mark one answer:

I will stand up slowly when getting out of bed.
I will take the medicine on an empty stomach.
I will decrease my fluid intake.
I may have one drink of wine before bed.

Q:9-An employee at a chemical plant is splashed in the eye with a chemical. The priority nursing intervention is to
Mark one answer:

Cover the eye with a gauge patch.
Place antibiotic ointment in the eye.
Rinse the eye continuously for 15 minutes.
Read the label on the chemical and call the emergency center.

Q:10-A woman in labor is receiving an antibiotic. She suddenly complains of trouble breathing, weakness and nausea. The nurse should recognize that these signs are usually indicative of impending
Mark one answer:

Pulmonary egophony.
Amniotic fluid embolism.

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