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HSPT Critical Reasoning Practice Test Questions

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Q:1-People start donating in charitable institutions to get rid of guilt. They are doing “good work”; they are doing “God's work'. They are opening hospitals and schools. All they are doing is trying somehow not to go mad because of the feeling of guilt. All your hospitals, and all your schools and colleges, and all your charitable institutions are outcomes of guilty people.
Which of the following is the most suitable assumption of the author?

Mark one answer:

People are guilty of having more money than they require
All schools and colleges etc are funded by people who are guilty
People feel that they are doing God's work by donating
Rich people are guilty

Q:2-Ann had a bad headache. She tried to take medicine on her own but that did not help. She felt miserable. Finally she had to ask her sister Amy, with whom she was not talking since two days, to take her to a doctor.
Which of the following situations represents a similar case as is mentioned above?

Mark one answer:

Jane borrows Mike's camera and did not return it even two weeks after her job was over. Finally Mike had to remind her to give it back to him.
Mary and Tina are very good friends but have had a difference over some petty issue. Mary invites Tina to dinner and they forget everything.
Sam stops talking to Mat when he returns his bike with a flat tyre. Later Mat apologises and they patch up.
Sim knows that his mother is very angry but still he dares to ask her if he can go with his class for a picnic. His mother lets him go.

Q:3-Apparao Galleries is conducting an exhibition cum sale of textiles woven by the weavers of Maheshwar and designed by Mira Sagar. Deep colours such as red, burgundy, midnight blue, pinks, etc have been used. The exhibition will be on for five days next week, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., in the five Apparao Galleries across the city.
Which is the most likely assumption of the organizers?

Mark one answer:

People will turn up in large numbers for the exhibition.
People prefer hand woven clothes to machine woven clothes.
There is a need to give a designer touch to traditional weaving.
Designer products are more popular than non-designer traditional weaving.

Q:4-People sometimes do not realize that what they eat can be useless and sometimes harmful. One would be better off if one considered the alimentary qualities of one's food, not just its taste.
Which of the following is the most likely meaning of alimentary?

Mark one answer:

Concerning nutrition
Causing sickness

Q:5-Some stories are for the mere purpose of making the listener feel good. Like say the fairy tales which always have a happy ending. On the other hand C. S. Lewis's Narnia tales are Christian allegories.
Which of the following is the most likely meaning of allegory?

Mark one answer:

A romantic story
A violent story
A symbolic story
A scary story

Q:6-In her new kids' guide to writing, Gail tells beginners not to get discouraged, to pay attention to every detail and to incorporate fun into discipline. She suggests writing the first page of the story three times, each time from a different starting point. Every story has another story behind it. Gail is practical, conversational and honest - a good voice to have in your ear as you set about the solitary work of writing. One of her more specific pieces of advice is to save the work for at least 15 years.
Which of the following is the most remarkable feature of the book?

Mark one answer:

It appeals to both adults and children.
It lists all good stories which a beginner should read.
It can be used by even those who have been writing for a long time.
It inspires the reader to write stories as it lists the dos and donts of the hobby

Q:7At this time of the year, the transition period, the skin gets affected by the changes in the weather. The skin becomes very dry as it has to face the cold harsh winds and the scorching sun at the same time. It's hence very important to take extra care of your skin, so that it does not get damaged.
Which of the following is most likely the advice given by the author of the above paragraph?

Mark one answer:

Moisturize the skin on a daily basis.
Scrubbing the skin to free it of dead cells in the dry areas is also very important.
Chapped lips can be easily treated with milk cream.
Massage the hands, legs and other parts of the body with a good skin lotion.

Q:8-While the life-expectancy gap between men and women has shrunk to five years, the narrowest since 1946, it is no secret that men still need to pay more attention to their bodies.
Which of the following is the most suitable reason for the above?

Mark one answer:

Men tend to drink and smoke more than women and generally tend to have less healthy lifestyles.
Men do not seek medical help as often as women.
Men tend to join in fearless, risky, dangerous behaviour more often than women.
Men largely define themselves by their work, which adds to stress and to being disconnected from their emotional side.

Q:9-A leading child psychologist and education consultant gives the following advice on how special children should be dealt with.
Which of the following is the most unimportant advice given by her?

Mark one answer:

Accept that the child is not diseased.
Do not frustrate the child.
Slow learners should be exempted from some subjects.
Make them answerable for themselves.

Q:10-Invitation cards are now more stylized than ever. When two doctors got married in the city lately, they sent out cards rolled and put in syringes. Another couple sent out their marriage anniversary party's invitations in the form of a booklet with the most significant moments of their lives. The trend is now catching the attention of children also who want a unique invitation card for their birthday parties.
Which of the following is the most suitable criticism of the above trend?

Mark one answer:

Some such cards can not be posted and have to be delivered specially.
Some of these cards are worded in a stylish fashion and get difficult to interpret.
Invitation cards are only to inform the guest about the program or schedule.
These cards are nearly five times costlier than the usual cards.

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