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Q:1-The City Social Work Club organized a bicycle rally in the city from The City Circle to the Edge Road. The participants were mostly young members of the club. The rally was aimed at promoting awareness about pollution in general and vehicular pollution in particular. The concept of the rally was to bring home the idea that the humble bicycle is not only a non-polluting means of transport but also worked wonders for one's health. The rally culminated in a street play which emphasized the causes of motor vehicular pollution and its effects on health.
Which of the following statements is the most suitable assumption of the organizers?

Mark one answer:

Actions speak louder than words.
We need a pollution free environment and a healthy lifestyle
Consciousness about environment pollution needs to be increased
Environment pollution can be controlled

Q:2-Parents are now a days very liberal about giving pocket money to their children. Unlike before every school and college going child is now given pocket money, irrespective of the economic background. With an increase in the concept of style among youngsters there is an increase in their needs. Moreover they do not want to give answers to the queries of their parents when they have to buy something for themselves. Parents too are giving in to the demands of their children without much resistance. This was not the case some ten years back when parents were against giving pocket money to children.
Which of the following is the most suitable criticism of the above mentioned trend?

Mark one answer:

parents should be aware of how their children spend money
children grow up to become spendthrift if they start spending at a young age
giving pocket money spoils the habits of children
parents should be conscious of the long term consequences of giving pocket money to children

Q:3-You don't see donkeys laughing; you don't see buffaloes enjoying a joke. It is only man who can enjoy a joke, who can laugh. Without laughter a man is like a tree without flowers. But the society needs serious people: Presidents, Prime Ministers, Vice-Chancellors, Professors, Popes, and Shankaracharyas, all kinds of priests, teachers, and commissioners. Everybody has to be serious. If they have a sense of humour they will become human. They are expected to be just like machines.
Which of the following is the most suitable criticism of the above mentioned idea?

Mark one answer:

Humour has to be a part of life and not life itself
Politicians should be serious men who can shoulder the responsibilities of a country
Public figures need to have a control over their sense of humour
If one is conscious of his behaviour in public it does not mean that he is not human

Q:4-As the streets of Montclair filled with people running errands at noon on a Sunday, 12 people were having a lower-key outing at Starseed Yoga. More and more people stressed by the hamster wheel that is their daily lives, are discovering that they can indeed change their approach, or at least give it a shot. They are taking yoga classes like never before, seeking to reduce stress before heading back to work.
What is the most likely reason for the increasing popularity of yoga?

Mark one answer:

People are more stressed than before and need to relax
In order to handle competition in their workplaces people want to increase their efficiency through yoga
People try to bring about more peace in their lives
People need to rejuvenate their energies before starting work every Monday

Q:5-One problem found when teaching skills online is learners' lack of opportunity for skill practice. The online learning environment is deficient in face-to-face interaction, and opportunities for self-regulation make it difficult to ensure learners practice skills despite the positive effects of such practice on skill improvement.
Which of the following is the most suitable solution to the problem?

Mark one answer:

Advanced technology can be used so that the teacher and learner can face each other at fixed timings
Online teaching can be supplemented with classes where the teachers and students can interact
Methods should be developed for the regular and efficient on-line assessment of the skills by experts
Self regulation techniques should be made more advanced

Q:6-Everyone desires to be healthy. Sometimes it is difficult, especially when you crave foods that aren't good for you. Some people crave for sweets, others for salted fried snacks. Then we have the cola addicts, who must have their regular quota everyday or they go into depression. The cigarette, alcohol and chocolate lovers are a breed apart. It takes a lot of discipline to get over these addictions. You may sincerely desire to give up these cravings but you may discover that you remain powerless to the demands of your taste buds.
Which of the following is the point that the author is trying to make?

Mark one answer:

Many people lack the will power to get over their addictions.
People can't help eating what appeals to their taste buds even if it is bad for them.
People are not eating healthy and need to get over their cravings for junk foods.
Even if one wants to eat healthy one can not do so because of being addicted

Q:7-Last year, a proactive initiative by the state government to publish the answer sheets, backfired when students discovered discrepancies in the way the questions had been marked. They found that in one paper, a student who hadn't attempted all the questions, still got cent per cent score and in a few others the tally of marks didn't add up. Following this embarrassment, the state government decided against publishing a similar booklet this year. Some students and teachers are of the view that the booklet should be published.
Which of the following is the best reason for publishing the booklet?

Mark one answer:

Students of the succeeding batches can learn how top scorers attempt
Students of the succeeding batches can learn how the question papers are evaluated
Students of the succeeding batches can observe the way in which the answers are presented.
Students of the succeeding batches can get motivated to take more interest in the way they attempt the question paper

Q:8-I had been meaning to go to Basic for over two weeks. The thought of being able to choose from a wide range of sandwiches was immensely appealing. It is a simple unpretentious place. Just like the food and its owner. In fact I can use the same words to describe all three; light, unique, quiet, simple and unpretentious. As I scanned the menu I noticed that it had been very reasonably priced. And when you combine it with the offers they have got, it ends up being very pocket friendly.
Who from among the following is most likely to frequent the place?

Mark one answer:

Ann - she is a working woman who loves to go out with her family for dinners for a change
Adam - a businessman who has to discusses business with clients, mostly over a cup of coffee in a public place
Sam - he is a college going boy who very often eats out with friends
Andy - she loves to eat by herself in places where she can read books while munching on her favoutire snacks

Q:9-Many children today are losing the charm of fairytales. They grow too quickly and the tales of fairies, princes and princesses are as unknown to them as their old age home grandparents. They make children more aware of sentiments. Fairytales are like childhood itself, a happy innocent and pure childhood where dreams aren't under the pressure of deadlines. Hence, instead of becoming escapists, they are a kind of platform upon which dreams of tomorrow can be built. All fairytales have a happy ending which teaches a child that finally it is goodness that wins. Moreover they inspire to be hopeful even in the worst situations. Fairytales are more than true - not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
Which of the following is the best impact that fairy tales have on children?

Mark one answer:

By emphasizing the importance of goodness, most fairytales teach the realities of life
They are like a balm for the child psychology and relaxes them
They are a child's first step into the world of literature.
By establishing the importance of goodness they nurture sensitivity and finer emotions.

Q:10-Online mapping systems that permit a user to mark a particular place are becoming quiet a rage these days as people all over the globe are using it to mark out their favourite places. This trend probably began with the Yahoo Maps when parents would check out the university, neighborhood when their children went abroad for studies. Today internet users can choose from options like Google Earth and WikiMapia.
Which of the following is the most suitable criticism of the technology presented in the above paragraph?

Mark one answer:

The images are not clear enough
The maps can not be used by a person who is new to the city
The local areas are not marked in the maps
Most maps can not be properly printed and hence can not be consulted when most required

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