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In this test you have to answer hobet 2018 questions. To get pass hobet questions and answers you must answers correct. So Enjoy these hobet mock exams free to get enough knowledge for hobet free exams attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Q:1-If y = 2x + 1, what is the arithmetic mean of 2x, 2x, y, and 3y, in terms of x?
Mark one answer:

2x + 1
3 x + 1
None of the above

Q:2-The table below gives the value of the linear function f for several values of x. What is the value of a + b?
x 2 3 4
f(x) a 8 b

Mark one answer:

None of the above

Q:3-A point is reflected first over the line y = x, then over the x-axis, then over the y-axis. The resulting point has the coordinates (73, 14). The coordinates of the original point were which of the following?
Mark one answer:

(-14, -73)
(-73, 14)
(73, -14)
(73, 14)

Q:4-Round 6148.11385 to the nearest thousandths place. What is the answer?
Mark one answer:


Q:5-What is the perimeter of a rectangle that has 2 sides measuring 4 cm and 2sides measuring 6 cm?
Mark one answer:

24 cm
10 cm
12 cm
20 cm

Q:6-Sally, Nick, Bobby, and Kenny are standing in a line. How many different ways can they be ordered?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-What percentage is ΕΊ?
Mark one answer:

20 %
25 %
50 %
4 %

Q:8-Identify the pattern in the following set of numbers:
2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17

Mark one answer:

There is no pattern.
The set starts with 2 and ends in 17.
The set starts with 2 and jumps 3 each time.
The set starts with 2 and jumps 2 each time.

Q:9-According to the US Standard system, which of the following would be used to measure the volume of water in a bath tub?
Mark one answer:


Q:10-Olivia is writing a recipe for orange-colored fruit salad. She uses 4 apricots for every cantaloupe, 2 peaches for every apricot, and one orange for every cantaloupe. If she uses 8 oranges, how many whole pieces of fruit total will be used for the fruit salad?
Mark one answer:


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