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Free fpgee exam questions answers to pass fpgee practice questions. For fpgee practice test download free you must go through real exam. For that we provide fpgee practice quiz 2018 real test. We discuss in these fpgee free practice exam from different topics like fpgee online questions, fpgee online exam 2018.

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In this test you have to answer free online fpgee test. To get pass fpgee previous exam questions you must answers correct. So Enjoy these fpgee exam sample questions to get enough knowledge for fpgee exam attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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FPGEE Questions

fpgee exam questions fpgee preparation

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Q:1-Which of the following conditions would call for the use of flumazenil?
I. Benzodiazepine overdose
II. H1N1 infection
III. Community acquired viral pneumonia
Mark one answer:

I only
II only
III only
None of the above

Q:2-A patient arrives and asks you to re-fill his Ambien prescription. There are no refills left. Which is the best approach for you to take?
Mark one answer:

Tell him to go and get another appointment with his doctor. You cannot do anything for him.
Give him 1 or 2 pills-he looks tired.
Call the prescriber and determine whether the prescriber wishes to refill.
Both A and B are correct.

Q:3-What is the mechanism of action of gentamicin?
Mark one answer:

It is an aminoglycoside and is bacteriocidal against Gram (-) bacteria by irreversibly binding the 30S subunit of bacterial ribosomes.
It is a 4th generation cephalosporin and has broad activity against both Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria. It blocks cell wall synthesis and cell division.
It is a monobactam, killing Gram (-) bacteria by binding to penicillin-binding protein 3.
It is an aminoglycoside and is bacteriocidal against Gram (-) bacteria by irreversibly binding the 50S subunit of bacterial ribosomes

Q:4-Which of the following brand names is not correctly matched with its generic name?
Mark one answer:


Q:5-A patient taking sulfasalazine should be told which of the following?
I. Take sulfasalazine with food
II. Sulfasalazine may turn tears, urine, and sweat orange
III. Sulfasalazine may induce photosensitivity
IV. Take sulfasalazine on an empty stomach.
Mark one answer:

I and II only
I, II, and III only
II, III, and IV only
II and IV only

Q:6-Which of the following is the complementary base strand to the sequence AGCGTATTGCG?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-Which of the following are possible adverse effects of ramipril (Altace)?
I. Heart failure and hyperkalemia
II. Angioedema and bronchospasm
III. Respiratory depression and coma
IV. Paradoxical acid reflux and esophagitis
Mark one answer:

I and II only
II and III only
I and III only
All of the above are possible adverse effects.

Q:8-Which of the following are potential agents used in the treatment of refractory Crohn’s disease?
Mark one answer:

Azothiaprine or methotrexate

Q:9-Which of the following chemical modifications would likely increase the water solubility of a drug?
Mark one answer:

Conversion of an anhydrous form to a tri-hydrate
Conversion from a crystalline to an amorphous form
The addition of a lipophilic side group
The removal of a hydroxyl group

Q:10-Which of the following is likely to be true of a Phase I clinical trial?
Mark one answer:

A Phase I clinical trial may be a retrospective trial of 2000 patients.
A Phase I clinical trial is often opened to a small group of people with a number of different types of cancer.
A Phase I clinical trial involves many clinical centers and large numbers of patients.
A Phase I clinical trial is only completed when every patient is cured.

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