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Practice Food Hygiene Test 05

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Q:1-How could the Pathogen " Staphylococcus Aureus" be a risk in a food businesswhere there is open food or hand-packed food?
Mark one answer:

The Pathogen Lives On The Hands And Can Be Passed On Easily
It Is In The Air And Can Land On Food Items Not Covered
By Handling The Open Food You Increase The Risk Of Cross Contamination From The Pathogen From Your Hands To The Food
It Can Fly From One Surface To Another And Contaminate Food Items

Q:2-Why is bread not a high risk food?
Mark one answer:

It Is Low In Fat
It Is High In Fibre
It Is Low In Protein
It Doesn't Last Long Enough To Become Infected With Anything

Q:3-What order can an Environmental Health Officer give if they find a premises,part of a premises,a piece of equipment or a practice going on which is not satisfactory and is a danger to the public?
Mark one answer:

Prohabitation Order
Court Summons
Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order
Last Minute Cleanup Order

Q:4-Name One offence under the Food Safety Act 1990?
Mark one answer:

Putting Rubbish On The Pavement Outside Your Premises
Selling Food That Is Cold
Selling Food That Is Hot
Seling Food Unfit For Consumption

Q:5-Give One Example Of A Chemical Hazard?
Mark one answer:

Washing Up Solution Not Rinsed Off Satisfactorily
Mould Growing On Some Bread
Slime On A Piece Of Chicken
The Smell Of The Bin Area Because The Windows Are Left Open

Q:6-If you arrived at work and cut yourself on the way into the food area what actions would you take to prevent micro biological and physical contamination?
Mark one answer:

Suck The Blood Off Your Wound And Carry On
Tie You Handkercheif Round It
Just Leave It Open So The Air Can Get To It To Heal It Quicker
Cover It In A Proper Waterproof Dressing And Report It Immediately

Q:7-Why do we change from our outdoor clothing when we come to work and vice-versa when we go home?
Mark one answer:

To Control Possible Cross-Contamination
Because We Don't Want Our Clothes Getting Dirty Or Smelly
Because The Company Says So
So That We Can Waste A Bit Of Time Getting Changed And Have A Chinwag Wig Our Mates

Q:8-If you go into a dry storeroom and see boxes on the floor what would you do and why?
Mark one answer:

Push Them Neatly Under The Shelving So As To Look Tidy
Empty The Contents Out Into Suitable Sealable Containers
Leave Them For Someone Else To Sort Out
Move Them To Clean And Then Put ThHe Boxes Back Where They Were

Q:9-Why do we store some long life foods in the fridge after opening?
Mark one answer:

After Opening They Are Treated As Fresh Foods
It Is Easier To Find Them Again When We Need Them
They Look Better In The Fridge Than In The Cupboard
It Fills The Fridge Up Making It More Economical To Run

Q:10-What properties should walls in a food premises have?
Mark one answer:

Hard Wearing
Nice Colour
Be Made of Breezeblocks So It Doesn 't Get Too Hot

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