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Questions you find here are taken from last month previous/old basic food hygiene test answers. For more understanding we divided the tests in 10 set of questions in each and make questions to appear randomly. If you make any mistake results page will give you a chance to go back button and make answers correct. These mock tests are free for your practice. No Registration at all. Share this test with your friends on Facebook.

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Practice Food Hygiene Test 04

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Q:1-Whilst in a food preparation or serving environment, what is the best way to dry your hands after washing them?
Mark one answer:

Using paper towels
Damp towels
Just let then dry naturally

Q:2-How can you tell if food has enough bacteria to cause food poisoning?
Mark one answer:

It will smell
You can’t, it will appear normal
It will have a different colour
It will taste different

Q:3-Which of the following powers do Environmental Health Officers NOT have?
Mark one answer:

Authority to close down premises
The power of arrest
Authority to enter premises without appointment
The power to seize foods

Q:4-It is important to prepare food safely because;
Mark one answer:

It helps to prevent food poisoning
Prepared food looks better
Prepared food tastes better

Q:5-Which of the following does bacteria need to assist it to grow and multiply;
Mark one answer:

Warm temperatures
All of the above

Q:6-How do you know if a beef burger has been properly cooked and is safe to eat?
Mark one answer:

After cutting it in half and you see the inside as red you know it has been cooked properly
If you can see that it has been burnt then you know it is safe
If you can see the outside of the burger is evenly brown and when you cut it in the middle you can see that the meat is no longer pink

Q:7-Food contaminated with food poisoning bacteria would;
Mark one answer:

Look different
Smell badly
Look and taste normal

Q:8-In a place of work, the best way to dry your hands after washing them is to;
Mark one answer:

Use a cotton towel
Just shake excess water away
Use a air dryer
Use a paper towel

Q:9-What type of food hazard is it when you find a plaster in a food item?
Mark one answer:


Q:10-What is the first thing you do when you enter a food premises?
Mark one answer:

Comb Your Hair
Go To The Toilet Before Starting Work
Wash Your Hands
Go To The Office And See What You Are Doing That Day

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