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Freefood hygiene certificate how to get food hygiene certificate level 2 course for hygiene certificate. For food and hygiene certificate you must go through real exam. For that we provide health and hygiene certificate real test. We discuss in these mock test questions from different topics from level 2 food hygiene certificate.

food safety certificate

In this test you have to answer food hygiene certificate online. Which are separated into free food hygiene certificate. To get pass food hygiene certificate uk you must score at least 75% marks. So Enjoy these online food hygiene certificate to get enough knowledge for what food hygiene certificate do i need. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Practice Food Hygiene Test 01

Take this hygiene certificate level 2 to get pass in first attempt in real exam. As we provide similar questions.

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Q:1-Which one of these statements about bacteria is true?
Mark one answer:

All types of bacteria give food poisoning
Freezing makes food last longer by killing bacteria
Bacteria grow fastest when they are warm
All bacteria need air to survive

Q:2-The temperature inside your fridge should be:
Mark one answer:


Q:3-Which one of these foods is likely to contain the most bacteria?
Mark one answer:

Cooked chicken
Tinned cream
Frozen raw chicken
Bottled mayonnaise

Q:4-Food poisoning bacteria will multiply readily between:
Mark one answer:

-18°C – 0°C
0°C – 5°C
5°C – 63°C
63°C – 90°C

Q:5-The temperature in your freezer should be:
Mark one answer:


Q:6-At work, the best way to dry your hands after washing is:
Mark one answer:

Using a warm air dryer
Give them a shake
Using a cotton towel
Using a paper towel

Q:7-Food contaminated with food poisoning bacteria would:
Mark one answer:

Change colour
Look and taste normal
Be slimy and bitter

Q:8-Food poisoning only occurs because of bad practice in:
Mark one answer:

Retail shops
Home or domestic kitchens
Any of the above

Q:9-If you have reported diarrhoea and vomiting to your local authority or the Environmental Health Department after eating out it definitely means that:
Mark one answer:

The food business was at fault
It was your last meal that made you ill
That practices in the you home could be improved
Evidence will have to be obtained by the Environmental Health Department to positively prove where you pick up the bug that made you ill

Q:10-What is the most important reason for cleaning a food preparation area?
Mark one answer:

So it looks really smart and tidy
To prevent food contamination
So people don't think you're lazy
It's good exercise for your upper arms

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