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Free florida driving test online to pass florida driver permit practice test. For dmv florida written test you must go through real exam. For that we provide florida dmv learners permit practice test real test. We discuss in these florida dmv sample test questions from different topics like florida license questions and answers, florida drivers permit study guide.

Online Florida Permit Test

In this test you have to answer florida dmv test online free 2018. To get pass florida driver license permit test online you must answers correct. So Enjoy these permit test florida to get enough knowledge for free florida driving test attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

Permit Test Florida Online

florida driving test practice florida dmv road test

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Q:1-When two cars enter an open intersection at the same time:
Mark one answer:

the driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right
the driver who signals first has the right-of-way
the driver on the right must yield to the driver on the left
both drivers can move at the same time

Q:2-The primary traveling aids for a blind person include:
Mark one answer:

a white cane or a trained guide dog
a red cane or a trained guide cat
a white cane or a wheelchair
a red cane or a trained guide dog

Q:3-You are driving on an expressway and pass your exit by mistake. You must:
Mark one answer:

make a reverse turn and return to your exit
reduce your speed and move left
signal and then back up your vehicle
continue on to the next exit

Q:4-If you refuse to take a breath or blood alcohol level test, your driving privilege is automatically suspended for:
Mark one answer:

6 months
36 months
24 months
12 months

Q:5-To avoid striking the vehicle in front of you, keep at least _________ following distance.
Mark one answer:

six seconds
two seconds
one second
three seconds

Q:6-When you are approaching a drawbridge with a red signal, you must:
Mark one answer:

continue, but watch for pedestrians and other vehicles on the bridge
slow down and look for the signal
come to a complete stop
continue with caution and watch for the traffic gates

Q:7-A broken yellow line on a pavement:
Mark one answer:

separate lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions
marks the left edge of the pavement
marks the right edge of the pavement
separates lanes of traffic moving in the same direction

Q:8-Drivers entering a main road from a driveway, alley or roadside should:
Mark one answer:

reduce the speed and enter the main road
enter the main road with an increased speed
not make a right turn
yield to vehicles already on the main road

Q:9-In a roundabout, a driver should drive in:
Mark one answer:

any direction, depending on the destination
the direction of the oncoming vehicles
a counterclockwise direction
a clockwise direction

Q:10-The correct hand signal to indicate a right turn is:
Mark one answer:

hand and arm extended backward
hand and arm extended upward
hand and arm extended downward
hand and arm extended outward

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