EMT Registry Practice Test

Free emt practical test to pass practice emt questions. For emt intermediate practice test you must go through real exam. For that we provide online emt test real test.

EMT Refresher Test

In this test you have to answer emt test answers. So Enjoy these nremt advanced emt practice test to get enough knowledge for national registry practice test for emt b. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Practice EMT Test 08

emt online emt test prep

Q:1-The maximum suction time for an infant is ____sec.
Mark one answer:


Q:2-Which of the following is not directly related to a drug toxicity of Nitroglycerin?
Mark one answer:

Projectile vomiting

Q:3-A mom reports that her child has taken numerous pills found in the medicine cabinet. Which of the following doses of activated charcoal should be given to a pediatric patient?
Mark one answer:

10-30 grams
24-48 grams
15.5-45 grams
12.5-25 grams

Q:4-Radio communication should not involve which of the following?
Mark one answer:

Name/address of the patient
Clear signal
Clear voice projection
<25-30 seconds transmission time

Q:5-Which of the following is the antidote for the toxin Lead?
Mark one answer:


Q:6-What should you look for in order to determine whether a scene is safe to enter or not?
Mark one answer:

Traffic from civilians, law enforcement or other rescue personnel
Environmental problems, such as unstable terrain, lack of light, or heat
Dangers or hazardous substances, like broken glass, downed electrical lines, etc.
All of the above

Q:7-Cardiac output is the product of ____ and ____.
Mark one answer:

HR and EF
HR and Diastolic pressure
Diastolic and Systolic pressure
HR and Stroke Volume

Q:8-You are examining a stroke patient and are trying to determine if advanced therapy will be effective. What is the crucial factor you require to verify?
Mark one answer:

Is the patient experiencing dysarthria?
When did the patient’s symptoms begin?
Is the patient experiencing receptive aphasia?
All of the above.

Q:9-A drug ending in the suffix (pril) is considered a_______.
Mark one answer:

Beta agonist
ACE inhibitor

Q:10-The initial assessment is conducted in order to get a general impression of the patient.
Mark one answer:


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