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Q:1-You respond to a patient in distress and find an unresponsive male lying on the floor gasping for air. What step should you take next?
Mark one answer:

Begin rescue breathing
Initiate CPR
Check pulse
Assume choking and perform abdominal thrusts

Q:2-Why is proper size important when using an OPA or NPA?
Mark one answer:

Too large may block the airway
Too large may damage tissue
Too small may not adequately control airway
All of the above

Q:3-You respond to a swimming pool where a person is floating facedown and is unresponsive. Which action do you perform first?
Mark one answer:

High-Quality CPR
Apply AED
Heimlich Maneuver to clear airway

Q:4-Asystole is a common rhythm and should be treated with all the following EXCEPT:
Mark one answer:


Q:5-You are treating a cardiac arrest patient. The AED is having problems analyzing the rhythm. Which of the following is the correct response?
Mark one answer:

Go find another AED
Pause CPR to troubleshoot
Read the owner’s manual
Continue chest compressions

Q:6-All Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) patients benefit from supplemental oxygen, and a nasal cannula should be used.
Mark one answer:


Q:7-Your co-worker is acting strange. Which of the following suggests the possibility of a stroke?
Mark one answer:

Slurred speech
Arm weakness
All of the above

Q:8-Which of the following are treated with synchronized shocks?
Mark one answer:

Unstable atrial fibrillation
Sinus tachycardia
VT without a pulse

Q:9-What is the correct dose for Procainamide?
Mark one answer:

6 mg
20-50 mg/min
150 mg
12 mg

Q:10-A male patient experiences crushing chest pain. You respond and are performing initial care. What drug should you consider giving in all Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) patients?
Mark one answer:

High Flow O2

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