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Free district columbia drivers license test practice to pass practice test for permit dc. For district columbia drivers license test you must go through real exam. For that we provide dmv district columbia written test real test. We discuss in these district columbia learners permit test questions from different topics like district columbia road signs test, district columbia license questions and answers.

district columbia dmv written test

In this test you have to answer driving test practice district columbia 2018. To get pass dmv district columbia test questions you must answers correct. So Enjoy these district columbia dmv questions to get enough knowledge for district columbia learners permit practice test free attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

Permit Test District Columbia Practice

sample district columbia drivers license drivers license test district columbia

Q:1-If a tire suddenly goes flat while you are driving, you must
Mark one answer:

stop your vehicle on the road.
increase your speed to control your vehicle.
move to the left side of the road.
hold the steering wheel tightly and keep the vehicle straight.

Q:2-What must you do at a flashing red traffic signal?
Stop and yield, as you would at a stop sign road sign
Mark one answer:

Stop and yield, as you would at a stop sign.
Drive with caution because the traffic light is broken.
Proceed; you do not need to stop or yield at a flashing red signal.
Stop; you cannot proceed until the signal stops flashing.

Q:3-Which of the following statements about roundabouts is FALSE?
Mark one answer:

You should signal a right turn when you intend to exit.
Always enter the roundabout to the left and proceed on the left side of the central island.
You must yield to vehicles and bicyclists in the roundabout.
Don't try to pass bicyclists in the roundabout.

Q:4-Which of the following road markings mean(s) no passing in either direction?
Mark one answer:

A broken white line
Double solid yellow lines
One broken yellow line and one solid yellow line
A broken yellow line

Q:5-What does this sign indicate?
Traffic is merging ahead road sign
Mark one answer:

Traffic is merging ahead.
Turn right.
The lane is closed.
There is a railroad crossing ahead.

Q:6-Double solid white lines on the road separate two lanes of traffic
Mark one answer:

moving in the same direction.
merging left.
merging right.
moving in the opposite direction.

Q:7-On a divided highway, you must _____ unless directed to do otherwise by a sign, traffic control device, or police officer.
Mark one answer:

not keep to the right of the median
keep to the left of the median
drive on the center of the median
keep to the right of the median

Q:8-Before reaching the crest of a hill or entering a curve, you must _____ and watch for oncoming vehicles.
Mark one answer:

speed up, turn on your headlights,
slow down, move to the right side of the road,
speed up, shift gears,
slow down, move to the left side of the road,

Q:9-If a car approaches you with bright headlights, you must _____ to prevent being temporarily blinded.
Mark one answer:

look toward the right edge of the road
look at the center of the road
look toward the left edge of the road
look at the driver of the car

Q:10-Which of the following are used as left-edge lines on divided highways?
Mark one answer:

Double solid white lines
Double solid red lines
Single solid white lines
Single solid yellow lines

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