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Take this cscs operative test revision to check how set you up are for the health safety and environment test revision! This cscs revision book online the structure of the genuine cscs card test revision in everything: you should answer 38 out of 46 questions correctly to pass, and there are different multiple choice questions with 4 answers each. While the citb revision, since the basic purpose of citb test revision is to offer you some help with getting same help which you need in real exam attempt. Practice citb health safety and environment test revision : cscs revision test.

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Q:1-The stability of a ladder is affected by:
Mark one answer:

The height of the ladder and whether it is metal or wood
Uneven ground, missing ladder feet and any ice on ground
Noise levels and how busy the working environment is
The climate of the day and if lunch was eaten

Q:2-Which of the following is not a hazard when roof work is involved:
Mark one answer:

Edges of flat roofs or sloping roofs
Fragile roofs or fragile roof lights
Objects i.e. tools falling from the roof/scaffold
The type of roofing material used

Q:3-‘Working at height’ would mean:
Mark one answer:

Working on a scaffold during the day
Any work carried out inside a tall multi-storey building
Working at least two meters or more above ground level
Working at a level where falling would cause injury

Q:4-To reduce transport accidents on construction sites, which one is not a key control?
Mark one answer:

Providing a separate entry and exit gateways for vehicles and pedestrians
Ensuring that everyone on site wears high visibility clothing
Ensuring that everyone on site is evacuated each time a vehicle is driving on site
Providing adequate lighting throughout the site

Q:5-Machine hazards do not include:
Mark one answer:

Flying substances during the use of machine e.g. woodchips, dust, grit
The type of clothing you wear
Electrical hazards
Chemical hazards e.g. fumes from welding

Q:6-Which of the following is not a rule for the safe use of work equipment and machinery:
Mark one answer:

Do not operate a machine unless trained
Do not operate machine if equipment's guards or safety devices removed
Do not follow a safe system of work and the manufacturers guidance
Wear necessary personal protective equipment

Q:7-Which of the following is a common substance or material found on construction sites and is a hazard to the health?
Mark one answer:

Plywood sheets
Plaster dust
Solvent based paint

Q:8-Which of the following are common examples of health hazards on a construction site?
Mark one answer:

Working at height
Asbestos, Hand-arm vibration
Slip and trips
All of the above

Q:9-All incidents should be reported to:
Mark one answer:

Your employer and the principal contractor
Your employer and the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)
Other staff members and the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)
Environmental Health officer and the principal contractor

Q:10-Employees under the influence of alcohol/drugs are at risk to their workplace. This is because:
Mark one answer:

They are not in the right state of mind to follow the safe systems of work
They will distract their fellow employees and delay production of work
They will take breaks often and will not work productively
They will not attend or arrive late to the site

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