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On this page you will find online health and safety test for UK operative test. This mock cscs mock exam online is completely free with no charge at all. You will be given 50 questions in your citb cscs mock test 2018. Our cscs black card test questions is similar with the original citb health and safety test. You can also find cscs card practise test often asked in previous exams. When you take a mock cscs test keep in mind once answers submitted there is no way back.

cscs revision 2018 you must achieve 94% marks which are 47 from 50 questions. citb test practice test mock but will also helpful for cscs mock test health and safety. When you visits cscs mock tests full 2018 you will see many multiple choice questions each with a set of 10 health and safety test online.

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Practice CSCS Test 36

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Q:1-A risk assessment identifies:
Mark one answer:

how to report accidents
the site working hours
the hazards and safe way of doing the job
where the first-aid box is kept

Q:2-Question Which of these is NOT your legal duty as a worker?
Mark one answer:

To look after your own health and safety
To look after the health and safety of anyone else who might be affected by your work
To write your own risk assessments
Not to interfere with anything provided for health and safety

Q:3-As a worker you do NOT have a legal duty to:
Mark one answer:

use all equipment safely and as instructed
write your own risk assessments
speak to your supervisor if you are worried about safety on site
report any equipment that is damaged or defective

Q:4-After watching you work, a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector issues an improvement notice. What does this mean?
Mark one answer:

You are not working fast enough
You need to improve the standard of your work
You are not working in a safe way
All of these answers

Q:5-You are using some equipment. It has just been given a prohibition notice. What does this mean?
Mark one answer:

You must not use it unless your supervisor is present
You must not use it until it is made safe
You can use it as long as you take more care
Only supervisors can use it

Q:6-What is the most important reason for keeping your work area clean and tidy?
Mark one answer:

To prevent slips, trips and falls
So that you don’t have a big clean-up at the end of the week
So that waste skips can be emptied more often
To recycle waste and help the environment

Q:7-During site induction you do not understand something the presenter says. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Attend another site induction
Ask the presenter to explain the point again
Guess what the presenter was trying to tell you
Wait until the end then ask someone else to explain

Q:8-During a site induction, which of the following one topics should be covered?
Mark one answer:

The site rules
Where the cheapest car park is
Holiday dates
None of these

Q:9-Which TWO of the following will help you find out about the site emergency procedures and emergency telephone numbers?
Mark one answer:

Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
By reading the site notice boards
Guidance from your local Job Centre Plus
None of these

Q:10-Which one of the following items are NOT recorded in an accident book?
Mark one answer:

Your national insurance number
The date and time of the accident
The injuries sustained
Your home address

cscs test how many questions to pass 2018 "47/50"