50 Question Cscs Mock Test asbestos awareness online mock test

Take this CITB Cscs Practice Test 2018 to check how set you up are for the asbestos awareness training test! This Cscs Practice Test UK the structure of the genuine CSCS test in everything: you should answer 38 out of 46 questions correctly to pass, and there are different multiple choice questions with 4 answers each. While the Cscs Green Card Test Questions has a period breaking point of Cscs Mock 50 Question Test, since the basic purpose of Cscs Mock Operative Test is to offer you some help with getting same help which you need in real exam attempt. Practice Card Test cscs Questions mock here to be able to pass operative test cscs.

To make feel easy to learn Operative Test Cscs Mock are now divided by 10 questions set. Complete Cscs Operative Mock Test 2018 tests are 100% free.

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Practice CSCS Test 30

asbestos training test answers asbestos awareness questions and answers asbestos mock test

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Q:1-What training do you need to work with or remove asbestos cement products?
Mark one answer:

General asbestos awareness training
Having a CSCS card tells me all I need to know
Training for non-licensable asbestos work
None – anyone can work with asbestos cement

Q:2-Where might you come across asbestos?
Mark one answer:

In a house built between 1950 and 1990
In any building built or refurbished before the year 2000
In industrial buildings built between 1920 and 1990
Asbestos has now been removed from all buildings

Q:3-Exposure to asbestos fibres may result in which disease?
Mark one answer:

Lung cancer
All of these answers

Q:4-If you have to use a vibrating tool, how can you help reduce the effects of hand-arm vibration?
Mark one answer:

Hold the tool tightly
Do the work in short spells
Do the job in one long burst
Only use one hand on the tool at a time

Q:5-If you need to use a vibrating tool, even for a short time, how can you help reduce the risk of hand-arm vibration?
Mark one answer:

Do not grip the tool too tightly
Hold the tool away from you, at arm's length
Use more force
Hold the tool more tightly

Q:6-Which of these is most likely to cause vibration white finger?
Mark one answer:

Hammer drill
Hammer and chisel
Battery-powered screwdriver

Q:7-You have been using a vibrating tool. The end of your fingers are starting to tingle. What does this mean?
Mark one answer:

You can carry on using the tool but you must loosen your grip
You must not use this tool, or any other vibrating tool, ever again
You need to report your symptoms before they cause a problem
You can carry on using the tool but you must hold it tighter

Q:8-If you have to work in a 'hearing protection zone', you must:
Mark one answer:

not make any noise
wear the correct hearing protection at all times
take hearing protection with you in case you need to use it
wear hearing protection if the noise gets too loud for you

Q:9-As a rule of thumb noise levels may be a problem if you have to shout to be clearly heard by someone who is standing:
Mark one answer:

2 m away
4 m away
5 m away
6 m away

Q:10-If you need to wear disposable ear plugs how should you insert them so they protect your hearing from damage?
Mark one answer:

Only put them in when it starts getting very noisy
Only ever insert them half way into your ear
Roll them up and insert them as far as you can, while pulling the top of your ear up to open up the ear canal
Fold them in half and wedge them into your ear

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