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Q:1-You find a ladder that is damaged. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Don't use it and make sure that others know about the damage
Don't use it and report the damage at the end of your shift
Try and mend the damage
Use the ladder if you can avoid the damaged part

Q:2-A ladder should not be painted because:
Mark one answer:

the paint will make it slippery to use
the paint may hide any damaged parts
the paint could damage the metal parts of the ladder
it will need regular re-painting

Q:3-Working at height' is:
Mark one answer:

1.2 m above the ground or higher
2 m above the ground or higher
any height that would cause an injury if you fell
3 m above the ground or higher

Q:4-Which type of accident kills most construction workers?
Mark one answer:

Falling from height
Contact with electricity
Being run over by site transport
Being hit by a falling object

Q:5-You have to move a load while you are sitting, not standing. How much can you lift safely?
Mark one answer:

Less than usual
The usual amount
Twice the usual amount
Three times the usual amount

Q:6-If you wear a back support belt when lifting:
Mark one answer:

you can lift any load without being injured
you can safely lift more than usual
you could face the same risk of injury as when you are not wearing one
it will crush your backbone and damage it

Q:7-You need to lift a load from the floor. You should stand with your:
Mark one answer:

feet together, legs straight, back bent
feet together, knees bent, in a deep squatting position
feet slightly apart, one leg slightly forward, knees bent
feet wide apart, legs straight, back bent

Q:8-Your new job involves some manual handling. An old injury means that you have a weak back. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Tell your supervisor you can lift anything
Tell your supervisor that lifting might be a problem
Try some lifting then tell your supervisor about your back
Tell your supervisor about your back if it gets injured again

Q:9-Which part of your body is most likely to be injured if you lift heavy loads?
Mark one answer:

Your knees
Your back
Your shoulders
Your elbows

Q:10-Under the regulations for manual handling, all workers must:
Mark one answer:

wear back-support belts when lifting anything
make a list of all the heavy things they have to carry
lift any size of load once the risk assessment has been done
follow their employer’s safe systems of work

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