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Q:1-One of the patients on the unit is on airborne precautions due to suspected tuberculosis. To rule out the disease, the doctor has ordered sputum specimens to be collected. What is the best daily time for the nursing assistant to collect the specimens?
Mark one answer:

Before a meal.
After a meal.
First thing in the morning.
Last thing before the patient goes to sleep.

Q:2-The nursing assistant walks into a patient’s room and discovers him masturbating. Which of the following actions is correct?
Mark one answer:

Scold the patient and tell him he should be ashamed of himself.
Exit the room to provide privacy for the patient.
Report the activity to the nurse in charge.
Ask the patient why he is doing this to himself.

Q:3-The nursing assistant cares for a client who is extremely agitated. She yells, screams, and frequently tries to bite staff. The nursing assistant should:
Mark one answer:

use restraints to ensure the client’s safety.
speak calmly in an authoritative and neutral manner to the client.
use the television to distract the client.
provide care only when absolutely necessary.

Q:4-A client with a terminal illness tells the nurse that he has begun praying every night. The client states, “If I pray every night, God will forgive me.” This represents which stage of grief?
Mark one answer:


Q:5-Which of the following pieces of assistive equipment would be most helpful in moving an immobile client from their bed to a chair?
Mark one answer:

Transfer belt.
Hoyer lift.
Draw sheet.
Wrist restraints.

Q:6-The nursing assistant prepares to give a patient a bed bath. Before turning the patient to rub their back, the nursing assistant notices that he has a Foley catheter in place. Where should the nursing assistant secure the catheter to ensure it is not pulled during the bath?
Mark one answer:

To the lateral aspect of the patient’s thigh.
To the bed sheet.
To the medial aspect of the patient’s thigh.
To the bed.

Q:7-A patient has just received news about the death of his spouse. He states to the nursing assistant, “I can’t believe this has happened to me. I don’t know what to do. How can I live without my wife?” The nursing assistant best responds by stating:
Mark one answer:

“You will need more time to cope with this loss.”
“I understand you’re in pain. I’ll stay with you.”
“This kind of thing will happen to everyone eventually.”
“Do you and your wife have any children together?”

Q:8-The nursing assistant helps a patient who recently had a right-sided stroke to bathe. Which of the following describes the BEST method to support the patient’s independence?
Mark one answer:

Allow the patient to perform as much of the bath as possible.
Ask the patient what he wants to do.
Complete the entire bath for him to conserve his energy.
Encourage the patient to do the best he can to clean himself.

Q:9-A resident comes out of their room saying they have burned their leg after they dropped hot soup on it. The skin looks blistered and red. The nurse assistant knows this is a:
Mark one answer:

superficial burn.
partial thickness burn.
total thickness burn.
serious burn.

Q:10-A client who has not had a bowel movement in four days would receive the most benefit from which of the following procedures?
Mark one answer:


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