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In this test you have to answer cna certification question bank. To get pass cna exam papers you must answers correct. So Enjoy these cna simulation test free to get enough knowledge for free cna exam prep attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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CNA Free Sample Questions

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Q:1-When helping a client with left-sided weakness due to a CVA, the nursing assistant should position the client’s cane:
Mark one answer:

in front of the client.
on the left side.
on the right side.
away from the client.

Q:2-CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) should be performed when:
Mark one answer:

a client is unconscious.
a client is choking.
a client has no pulse and is not breathing.
a client has a pulse but is not breathing.

Q:3-A nursing assistant enters a client’s room and finds a fire burning in a trashcan. The nursing assistant’s first action is to:
Mark one answer:

call the nurse for help.
remove the patient.
try to put out the fire.
pull the fire alarm.

Q:4-“Log-rolling” is a technique best used for which of the following patient diagnoses?
Mark one answer:

Left tibial fracture.
Spinal cord injury (SCI).
Cellulitis of the right arm.

Q:5-When a client constantly ignores the urge to void, the client is putting themselves in danger of what complication?
Mark one answer:

Poor appetite.

Q:6-Which of the following types of grief is considered a normal and healthy part of grieving?
Mark one answer:


Q:7-A patient is on a clear liquid diet. Which of the following is NOT allowed on this diet?
Mark one answer:

Orange juice with pulp.

Q:8-A client with a Foley catheter is ordered to ambulate twice daily. Before ambulating the client, the nursing assistant should:
Mark one answer:

keep the bag below the bladder level.
raise the bag above the bladder level.
have the patient cover the bag with a pillow sleeve.
ask the nurse to confirm this order.

Q:9-Which of the following items is necessary in order to place a patient in restraints?
Mark one answer:

The hospital administrator’s approval.
The charge nurse’s approval.
Physical restraints.
A physician’s order.

Q:10-A client eats a bagel and one large glass of orange juice. What is the correct way to record the amount of juice?
Mark one answer:

480 cc.
One hundred and twenty cc.
120 ml.
480 ml.

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