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Q:1-The range of motion term “abduction” means:
Mark one answer:

moving the extremity away from the body.
moving the extremity toward the body.
moving the extremity above the body.
moving the extremity below the body.

Q:2-Which of the following most addresses a client’s needs in regard to spirituality?
Mark one answer:

Ask the client why he or she is of a particular faith.
Provide the client with warm water, soap, and towels every morning.
Assist the client to the facility’s chapel every Sunday.
Treat any religious objects in the client’s room as if they were any other.

Q:3-Proper body mechanics when lifting clients involve which of the following?
Mark one answer:

Keep the spine curved.
Bending at the waist.
Bending at the knees.
Avoid seeking assistance.

Q:4-Which of the following would be a primary indication of hepatitis?
Mark one answer:


Q:5-Which of the following aspects of care is important for a confused client?
Mark one answer:

Checking the client’s blood sugar every hour.
Asking the client their name.
Keeping the client contained in their room.
Reorienting the client frequently with clocks, calendars, and family mementos.

Q:6-What type of client may opt to receive hospice care?
Mark one answer:

Client with kidney disease.
Client with cancer.
Terminally ill client.
Client with diabetes.

Q:7-Cheyne-Stokes respirations occur in a client who:
Mark one answer:

has a history of chronic respiratory issues.
is unconscious.
is recovering from an asthma attack.
is close to death.

Q:8-A client in the day room is having a panic attack. The nursing assistant should:
Mark one answer:

tell the client to breathe as slowly and deeply as possible.
have the client talk about the panic attack.
encourage the client to verbalize their feelings.
ask the client about the cause of the panic attack.

Q:9-Which of the following residents is demonstrating orthopneic position?
Mark one answer:

A resident sits in a chair with their back straight.
A resident sits on the side of the bed and leans forward over a bedside table.
A resident walks using a cane.
A resident lays on their stomach with their face to the side.

Q:10-A resident is choosing items for breakfast. Which of the following items contains the most amount of potassium?
Mark one answer:


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