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Q:1-The nursing assistant knows that residents on bedrest must be turned every:
Mark one answer:

2 hours.
1 hour.
6 hours.
8 hours.

Q:2-Which of the following pulses will be most commonly used by a nursing assistant when acquiring vital signs?
Mark one answer:


Q:3-The nursing assistant is helping residents to eat in the dining room when, suddenly, a resident stands from their seat and begins clutching their throat while coughing silently. The nursing assistant performs which of the following actions first?
Mark one answer:

Ask the resident if they are choking.
Call 911.
Begin CPR immediately.
Begin the Heimlich maneuver.

Q:4-A client at the facility receives a new roommate. While the roommate is in the bathroom, the clients leans toward the nurse and whispers, “Why is she here anyway? Is she sick?” The best response by the nursing assistant is:
Mark one answer:

“I’m not sure. Let me take a look at her chart.”
“Why don’t you ask her yourself?”
“She’s here for the same thing as you!”
“I’m afraid I can’t share that information with you.”

Q:5-A client with Alzheimers wakes up more confused than usual one morning. The nursing assistant knows that, after breakfast, it is most important to support normal gastrointestinal tract function by:
Mark one answer:

recording intake and output.
brushing the client’s teeth.
taking the client to the bathroom.
assisting the client to call family members.

Q:6-The client asks the nursing assistant to assist her to cut her toenails. The nursing assistant knows this client has type two diabetes. Which of the following actions is best?
Mark one answer:

Retrieve a safety clipper and hand it to the client.
Report to the nurse that the client needs her toenails trimmed.
Check the client’s blood glucose before cutting her toe nails.
Check the chart for physician orders regarding nail trimming.

Q:7-Which of the following options is the best method to prevent insomnia?
Mark one answer:

Ensure the client eats one apple per day.
Encourage the client to take several naps daily.
Encourage the client to take several walks around the facility daily.
Encourage the client to remain in bed throughout the day.

Q:8-The nursing assistant takes the temperature of an elderly client and finds it to be 100.6 degrees F. The client reports having just taken a sip of hot tea. Which of the following actions is appropriate?
Mark one answer:

The nursing assistants waits at least fifteen minutes before retaking the temperature.
The nursing assistant records the temperature in the chart.
The nursing assistant scolds the client for not letting her know beforehand.
The nursing assistant takes an axillary temperature instead.

Q:9-A client under the nursing assistant’s care suffers from chronic “foot drop”. The nursing assistant can expect to find which of the following devices in the client’s room?
Mark one answer:

A wedge.
A mechanical lift.
Positioning boots.
Two extra pillows.

Q:10-A nursing assistant takes the blood pressure of a client and finds it to be 82/43. The client reports feeling dizzy. The nursing assistant should:
Mark one answer:

take the client’s pulse next.
report the finding to the nurse.
record the vital sign in the chart.
instruct the client to drink more fluids.

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