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Q:1-Which of the following statements is true about Alzheimer’s residents?
Mark one answer:

An increased appetite is common as Alzheimer’s progresses.
Residents can never be reoriented because they will immediately forget it.
The resident may become confused, but hallucinations are never a part of Alzheimer’s.
It is important to maintain a routine to avoid confusion and overstimulation.

Q:2-Which of the following is a correct aspect of making an occupied bed?
Mark one answer:

Place soiled linen on the floor until the bed has been remade with clean sheets.
Lower the bed to the lowest level when the procedure is complete.
Avoid raising the bed rails unless absolutely necessary.
Mitering the corners of the new sheet is no longer recommended.

Q:3-Which of the following is an example of a pulse rate that should be reported to the nurse?
Mark one answer:


Q:4-The nursing assistant knows that signs of hypoglycemia include which of the following?
Mark one answer:

Hot and dry skin.

Q:5-Which of the following guidelines regarding residents who are hard of hearing would be considered correct?
Mark one answer:

Encourage family participation to make sure they understand you.
Speak in a high-pitched voice to enhance understanding.
Write down words rather than speaking.
Speak clearly and slowly as you face the resident.

Q:6-A resident is ordered to be in High Fowler position for each meal. Which of the following descriptions is the most accurate depiction of High Fowler position?
Mark one answer:

The patient lies on their stomach for twenty minutes prior to eating.
The patient’s bed is at a 30 degree angle with the patient slightly slumped over to the left.
The patient’s bed is at a 60 degree angle with the feet propped up.
The patient's bed is at a 90 degree angle and the patient is positioned sitting up.

Q:7-What protective equipment should be worn when changing an incontinent patient?
Mark one answer:

Gloves and gown.
Mask and gown.
N-95 mask.
Gloves, gown, and a mask.

Q:8-Of the following symptoms, which one is most likely due to an infection in a resident?
Mark one answer:

Pale skin.
Tented skin.
Sudden onset confusion.

Q:9-The nursing assistant knows that the term “NPO” means:
Mark one answer:

Bedrest only.
No oral temperatures are to be taken.
Nothing by mouth.
Liquid diet.

Q:10-The nursing assistant should tell the nurse if the client with diabetes:
Mark one answer:

does not touch their lunch tray.
reports numbness in their feet sometimes.
combs their hair without being prompted.
decides not to finalize a will.

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