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Q:1-The nursing assistant knows that the responsibilities of the position do NOT include:
Mark one answer:

Helping a resident to bathe.
Administering a medication.
Keeping a resident’s room tidy.
Applying an icepack as ordered.

Q:2-Which of the following would be considered an example of battery toward a patient?
Mark one answer:

The nursing assistant cleans the resident’s glasses.
The nursing assistant asks for permission before touching the resident to assist them to the bathroom.
The nursing assistant bathes the resident without his or her permission.
The nursing assistant keeps a resident isolated from others as a form of punishment.

Q:3-The nursing assistant suspects that a resident in the facility is being abused due to multiple unexplained bruises, refusal to answer most questions, and refusal of ADLs. Which of the following actions should the nursing assistant take next?
Mark one answer:

Notify the nurse assigned to care for the patient about the bruises.
Report the suspected situation to the nursing assistant’s immediate supervisor.
Ask the resident repeatedly to identify an abuser.
Wait for more proof in order to identify the abuser.

Q:4-MRSA is an example of which of the following?
Mark one answer:

A resistant strain of bacteria that is difficult to treat with antibiotics.
A bacterial strain that is easy to treat with antibiotics.
A mnemonic to remember how to act if there is a fire in the facility.
A set of activity guidelines designed to keep residents safe.

Q:5-What is the best way for a nursing assistant to prevent infection?
Mark one answer:

Use standard precautions when caring for residents.
Apply an antiseptic hand rub before and after caring for residents.
Wear gloves when in contact with body fluids.
Frequent hand washing.

Q:6-Which of the following is a key part of care when administering a bath to a resident?
Mark one answer:

Clean the perineal area of a patient before assisting them to clean their face.
Use cool water when bathing the patient to promote better circulation.
Allow participation in care to promote a sense of independence.
Perform all care for the resident in order to conserve their energy.

Q:7-A nursing assistant cares for a resident. Which of the following skin care measures are correct?
Mark one answer:

The nursing assistant does not begin perineal care until a second staff member is present.
The nursing assistant notes an unblanchable red area on the resident’s sacrum and reports it to the nurse.
The nursing assistant applies talcum powder beneath the abdominal folds of the resident.
The nursing assistant applies a prescription ointment as ordered.

Q:8-Before shaving a resident, the nursing assistant checks for which of the following items in the resident’s care plan?
Mark one answer:

Shaving instructions related to problems or issues clotting.
History of a heart condition.
Presence of the resident’s razor from home.
Any previous refusal of ADLs.

Q:9-Fecal impaction may present with which of the following symptoms?
Mark one answer:

Dark urine.
Excessive flatulence.
Small, watery leakage of stool.
Abdominal pain.

Q:10-Dyspnea is a term that refers to difficulty with which of the following?
Mark one answer:


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