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Q:1-The nursing assistant assigned to obtain vital signs for a group of residents omits taking the vital signs of one of the residents. When the nurse inquires as to the resident’s missing vital signs, the nursing assistant admits to forgetting the resident. This is an example of which of the following?
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Q:2-Monique stopped working as a nursing assistant when she gave birth to her daughter. After 2 years of being a full-time wife and mother, she now decides to go back to work to help pay bills. What are the requirements that Monique has to comply with before going back to work again?
Mark one answer:

Enroll in a refresher course.
Undergo a retraining and a new competency evaluation.
Competency evaluation only.
No other requirements are required. Just present letter of intent to the Board to go back to work.

Q:3-It’s a busy day in the ward and the nurse on duty is now preparing the medicines of her patients on the medication tray. She hands you a tube of Teramycin ointment and gives you instructions to apply it to a patient's eyes. How would you respond to this?
Mark one answer:

Ask the nurse to demonstrate it to you for a clearer and better understanding of the procedure.
As assistant to the nurse, follow the nurse’s request and apply the ointment to the patient's eyes.
Ask the nurse to be with you during the application of the ointment.
Politely refuse the nurse’s request and explain your job limitations as a nursing assistant.

Q:4-During a nursing assistant's orientation to the home facility, the nurse supervisor emphasizes that health team members communicate with each other to give coordinated and effective care to their clients. To communicate, the nursing assistant should do all of the following except:
Mark one answer:

Use terms with many meanings.
Be brief and concise.
Present information logically and in sequence.
Give facts and be specific.

Q:5-A nursing assistant answers an incoming phone call only to find out that the caller was calling a different unit. How should the nursing assistant facilitate the call transfer?A nursing assistant answers an incoming phone call only to find out that the caller was calling a different unit. How should the nursing assistant facilitate the call transfer?
Mark one answer:

Ask the caller what telephone number he is trying to reach.
Ask the caller to “Please hold, an operator will get to you shortly”, then go back to unfinished tasks.
Refer the call to the nurse on duty. The nurse will transfer the call herself.
D.Tell the caller that you are going to transfer the call and give the phone number in case the call gets disconnected or the line is busy.

Q:6-A nursing assistant is in the process of giving a client a bed bath. In the middle of the procedure, the unit secretary calls on the intercom to relay that there is an emergency phone call. The appropriate action is to:
Mark one answer:

Immediately walk out of the client’s room and answer the phone call.
Cover the client, place the call light within reach, and answer the phone call.
Finish the bed bath before answering the phone call.
Leave the client’s door open so the client can be monitored and the nurse aide can answer the phone call.

Q:7-The nursing assistant assigned to the medical ward receives a new client for the shift. She wants to know about the case of the client and the kind of nursing care and therapeutic management already done to help the client’s condition throughout her stay at the hospital. The nursing assistant therefore reads the:
Mark one answer:

Flow sheet
Progress notes
Nursing discharge summary

Q:8-On nursing rounds, a client is found lying on the floor. Which statement would be most appropriate for the nurse aide to record in the client’s medical record?
Mark one answer:

“It is most likely that the client attempted to climb over the side rails and fell.”
“Upon entering the room, the client was found lying on the floor.”
“The client had been restless all evening and was trying to get out of bed.”
“The presence of a bed alarm could have prevented the fall.”

Q:9-Which action by a nurse aide could jeopardize the confidentiality of computerized medical records available at a nurse’s station?
Mark one answer:

Log out and sign off all computer screens before leaving a terminal.
Share passwords for computer access with colleagues who have forgotten their own passwords.
Periodically change computer access passwords.
Prevent an unidentified healthcare worker from viewing computer records.

Q:10-A registered nurse is orienting a newly certified nursing assistant to the unit. The nurse mentions that sometimes culturally diverse clients who speak a different language are admitted to their unit. In communicating with these clients, the nursing assistant should
Mark one answer:

speak loudly and slowly.
stand close to the client and speak slowly.
use an interpreter to speak to the client.
speak to the client and family together to increase the chances that the topic will be understood.

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