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Q:1-Clients and families have the right to receive care that is
Mark one answer:

determined necessary by the health team.
culturally acceptable to them.
dictated as appropriate by medical research.
technologically advanced and inexpensive.

Q:2-When caring for a dying client, the nurse aide should perform which of the following activities?
Mark one answer:

Encourage the client to reach optimal death.
Assist the client to perform activities of daily living.
Assist client towards a peaceful death.
Motivate client to gain independence.

Q:3-When a terminally ill client assumes artificial cheerfulness and refuses to believe that loss is happening, what stage of grieving is he in?
Mark one answer:


Q:4-As you assist a Hispanic client during her meal time, which food selections do you expect to be incorporated into a diet that would represent culturally sensitive care?
Mark one answer:

Beans and tortillas.
Cheese and olive oils.
Vegetables and rice.
Red meat and potatoes

Q:5-Which of the following techniques would you use when interviewing a 94-year-old patient?
Mark one answer:

Using a low-pitched voice.
Enunciating each word slowly.
Varying voice intonations.
Reinforcing the words with pictures.

Q:6-A 69-year-old client has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Upon the request of her daughters, the Powers of Attorneys, the information was withheld from her. When her daughters leave, the client asks you a question about her diagnosis. What will be your response to this situation?
Mark one answer:

“I’m sorry, I don’t know.”
“I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. You look fine to me.”
“I don’t have any information as of the moment, but I’ll find out for you.”
“You need to ask your doctor about that, not me.”

Q:7-A client in the long term facility tells the nursing assistant “I am too depressed to talk to you. Leave me alone.” Which of the following response by the nursing assistant is most therapeutic?
Mark one answer:

"I’ll be back in an hour."
"Why are you so depressed?"
"I’ll sit with you for a moment."
"Call me when you feel like talking to me."

Q:8-A client says to you “I am worthless person, I should be dead.” What is the best response that you, the nursing assistant, can make?
Mark one answer:

“Don’t say you are worthless, you are not a worthless person.”
“We are going to help you with your feelings.”
“What makes you feel you’re worthless?”
“What you say is not true.”

Q:9-A client with a hearing impairment is admitted to a busy hospital unit. Which intervention is most appropriate to meet the client’s needs while preventing sensory overload?
Mark one answer:

Allow all the client’s family members to stay with the client.
Have conversation at the bedside directed to the client.
Keep the television or radio on for the client continuously.
Keep the overhead light on at all times.

Q:10-Legally, clients’ charts are:
Mark one answer:

Owned by the government since it is a legal document.
Owned by the doctor in charge and should be kept from the administrator for whatever reason.
Owned by the hospital and should not be given to anyone who requests it other than the doctor in charge.
Owned by the client and should be given by the nurse to the client as requested.

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